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Long-running stability problems should finally be fixed. We have moved from MariaDB back to MySQL (please don’t sue me, Oracle), from CentOS to Ubuntu, and from Apache to nginx. Unfortunately the change to nginx means I can no longer write permalinks using .htaccess files, so the permalinks (e.g. ‘’) are broken right now. I will fix that when I can work out how to fix that.

If you had a login for the GLA FTP server or various other things, that won’t work anymore. If you do need a login I can set you up with an SCP login instead (same deal, different protocol).

Love, Cats

Episode 66 – The Rayman’s Big Dick Concerto in D Major

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Happyman wants to fight. Catsman is poisoned by green goo. Animitch lays an egg in the bath. Shiny pontificates on Rayman’s Floating Foreskin. Moogle has a dirty microwave. Specs has seen what comes out of a vagina. Bowser gets wet and wild. Plus: Richard Scofield.

5:00 – Are you feeling lucky? The google game.
25:45 – The news you can use
58:39 The great internet thermal paste-off championships
1:11:52 – 2017: was it the worst year yet?
1:41:15 – Tag, you’re it!

Q: Why did this podcast take so long to edit?
A: Because I am a lazy piece of shit.

This episode was edited by Catsman.

Gentlemen Discussing Vidya 65 – Gay American Music Expert

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Catsman reveals new Lawyer Guy canon. Specs revamps the news segment. Mike analyzes hamburger music. Also: who would you cast to play Sinistar in a feature film?

1:54 Family Feud: Moogle & Mike vs. Rusty, Cats & Specs
14:28 Fresh off the Grill: Dinosaur’s Land 2
17:45 There’s no British video games
20:04 News
1:00:05 The inevitable loot box chat
1:06:08 Kickstarter Watch: Rick & Morty Condoms
1:06:28 Catsman’s brand-new game segment

Episode 64 – Strange Banana Man

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Catsman is sick of the match of the day theme. Happyman is scared of Catchphrase. Moogle owns a lot of ties. Baron is doing yard work. Specs tries to hold it together.

1:52 – Intro
10:19 – Actual start of content
29:57 – Sir Lancelot is a Jerk
38:28 – Phil Margera dicussion
41:15 – Featured Skeleton
47:03 – Specs’ connections
56:23 – Catsman’s conundrum
1:04:13 – Kickstarters\more conundrum\gameshows?
1:17:20 – Fresh off the Grill (hamburger music)
1:17:53 – VR talk, ant games, doritos games, etc…
2:05:52 – Finally, a brief reprieve

No shownotes because I’m a bad person. Laughter track courtesy lonemonk.

This episode was edited by Catsman.

GDV Book Club – Dark Souls (Part 2)

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I claimed the Lordvessel. It was all sunlight, fire and dark, and within a week we had killed my princess and hit the road.

Table of Contents
00:00:21 – Dark Anor Londo
00:07:31 – Return to the Undead Asylum
00:14:40 – Painted World of Ariamis
00:27:21 – Firelink Altar
00:34:44 – Darkroot Basin
00:47:37 – New Londo Ruins
01:04:41 – Demon Ruins
01:13:20 – Lost Izalith
01:19:33 – The Catacombs
01:31:28 – Tomb of the Giants
01:43:31 – Duke’s Archives
01:52:23 – Crystal Cave
01:57:36 – Oolacile Sanctuary
02:01:10 – Royal Wood
02:12:18 – Oolacile Township
02:18:10 – Chasm of the Abyss
02:23:39 – Kiln of the First Flame
02:30:32 – Final thoughts

DkS2’s Bounding Demon

Thank you to YT users eroticfishcake and Sir Fist for uploading the game’s ambient sounds and dialogue files.

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