Like a book club, but with video games.

We have a youtube channel

EDIT: Looks like I might be mistaken about the youtube upload feature. As far as I can tell, it only connects your account to a youtube channel, rather than the whole channel (as I’d thought). That’s a bit of a bugger. Regardless, you can still upload to your own personal channel. Additionally, if you send me a link to your video on youtube\a video directly, I will upload it to the channel for you. If you feel like uploading a lot of stuff I’m sure I’d be able to dole out the login info for the channel also.

First, thanks for your comments on streaming etiquette. Generally, the feedback has been

  1. Facecams are okay if you have a good reason for them
  2. Nabil linked a cheap microphone which I would also endorse – the Zalman ZM-MIC1. £5, clip-on, for podcasting and streaming the quality is just fine.
  3. Pizza hut and taco bell should never combine
  4. I still frown upon watermarks, but I accept that Pyroco’s is brilliant.

Okay, so, the main point of the post. We have a youtube channel! It’s totally gone unused for the past hundred years! Hexler used to maintain it (and do an excellent job I might add), but now all he does is upload lame Call of Duty montages. LAME. So I’m putting out the call for videos!

Now, Moogle made a very good point to me a while back. Basically, when you stream to, the video normally gets saved to two places – your hard drive, and twitch’s server. However, videos that linger unwatched on the video library soon crumble away into nothingness. Isn’t that tragic!?

Luckily, it need not be this way. For you have the power to save them! simply go to the archive (there’s also a link on the top bar, in case you forgot), pick a video and click the ‘gear’ symbol, then click ‘highlight’. Use twitch’s built in editor to edit some highlights, and when you’re done, you can click the cog and then ‘upload’ to send them straight to our youtube channel! You’ll need dashboard rights to do this, if you want them then (as always) you can email me\steam me\skype me.

So, that’s that. Save our videos, please!

Love, Cats

PS: Thanks for sending in your applications. One guy said he didn’t want to talk on the mic. I’m sure he has a lovely voice. Really I do. Anyway I’ll hopefully be able to do all the account making this weekend. I should, seeing as I’ve had time to write this stupid blog post.

Streaming ettiquete?

It’s never been established, formally or informally, so I thought the best thing to do would be to pick people’s brains on the subject. What are your views? In the past, I have strongly recommended that all streamers use microphones to chat and engage with their audience. I’ve found using a mic when streaming is a lot more fun, both for the audience and the streamer themselves. I know microphones are incredibly expensive and hard to acquire, but please, I urge you to find one and put it near your face when streaming.

Secondly: promoting your channel (your twitch channel, your youtube channel, etc) is absolutely a-ok. However, try not to do so in a way that is detrimental to the viewer experience – this includes putting ugly watermarks on your streams, or spamming the chat with a link. If you shoot me an email, or just tell me, I can add a link to your channel\website in the site sidebar.

Thirdly: facecams – are they okay? There’s a new poll on the sidebar entitled ‘are facecams annoying?’ While not a bad invention in principle, they have become rather a crappy cliché in the Let’s Play community and are often misused, in my opinion. But is that to say we should rule them out for good?

Oh, and one final thing: Seanie is still Vice President and Emperor of quality control. But he’s not just there to bully you – feel free to pop any questions about streaming you might have in his combination pizza hut and taco bell, and see if they come out with fajita pizza. Xsplit can be a challenged to set up if you’re new to it. Also remember that you can use the wordpress login I sent you to log into the admin area and look at the streaming tutorial I wrote last year.

Love, Cats

PS: remember to answer that poll!

PPS: are you enjoying this lovely weather or what?

21 – Snap into a Slim Jim


In the funkiest episode of GDV yet, the gentlemen discuss LucasArts, Space Jam remixes, dumb nerds voting in polls, Macho Man Randy Savage and outdated slang words.

LucasArts shut down:

Kotaku’s Guacamelee coverage:

Worst Company In America:

Microsoft Twitter Man:”

Polite reminder about stream keys

Please remember, your stream key is your own personal stream key! Do not distribute it to other people. I can revoke stream keys arbitrarily, although I won’t do it unless I have to. If you’ve had your stream key revoked, I will send you another one (as long as you remember not to send it out again!).

Love, Cats

Episode 20 – Boggle Mania


Catsman, Doddski, Evilagram, Happyman, Juju, Ramal, Moogle, Seanie and Xevrex discuss Kawaii guns, John Spaghettio, Shenmue 3, Civ 5, PETA, microtransaction bullshit and retractable beards. Plus, permanent bologna organs.

Down for scheduled maintainence at 1PM GMT, 2nd of april 2013

My host is upgrading their hardware. Soon we’ll have SSD caching, gigabit ports and spangly new hardware all round. In the meantime, remember that you can watch this stream both on our official twitch tv page and on Gather Your Party. We’ll be changing IP addresses so we may be offline for some time, depending on how fast your ISP is with that.

Love, Cats

PS: Podcast has been delayed. Unfortunately, there was an error in the recording process that screwed up the audio from around the two hour mark, but I’d edited those two hours before I realized. I was able to retrieve the backup recording from happyman but haven’t had time to finish it as of yet. Apologies to all!

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