Like a book club, but with video games.

3 day ban from twitch

Hi All,

We’re banned from Twitch again. It’s another temporary ban but this time longer (for 3 days). For now, I have switched the main channel over to Afterdark.

Secondly, I am making Happyman co-admin of the channel. Officially!

Thirdly: ‘ironic’ hate speech is still hate speech. Hate speech is only sometimes protected by american law, never by UK law, not by twitch’s terms of service, and not by this website’s vague definition of ‘polite and gentlemanly’. If you have a problem with that then I would politely advise that you start visiting a different stream channel, I would advise either Ladderstream or WTBfun.

Until then please have fun on afterdark, and message me on steam if you want an afterdark key.



Temporary ban from twitch

Hello all,

We were temporarily banned from Twitch because of Freakydemon’s casual racism.

If you have problems with this banning, please talk to Freakydemon, as he is a dirty Belgian and scrub at life.

Things will be operational again tomorrow evening, until then I have switched out the embed for a hitbox one. However this doesn’t really work as you can’t embed a stream from a hitbox team. So in order to see streams from our hitbox team you will need to manually select them from

If you’d like to be added to this one then send me a message on steam, but I will probably dissolve it after this experiment, unless we can find a way to make teams work better, because right now they work in kind of a crappy way (you have to manually switch to whoever’s streaming, several people can stream at once, every stream has a separate chat etc). It’s basically like everyone having their own separate channels except there’s an index of them.

Please join me, dodds, doyah and blake tomorrow evenink for some hardcore gaming. ALSO MITCH IS INVITED

Also, if you’re too dumb to understand the twitch code of conduct then perhaps hitbox can be your containment service.

Love, Cats

Episode 50 – Five Nights at Mao’s

Listen on YouTube

Download for later

The gentlemen try to understand the world through Steam statistics. Plus: Marcus Aurelius’s Playstation, fruit hats, Hugo the Troll, console cupholders, Garfield Cat, Pepsi Man’s ass, and a black disc for your mouth.

00:00 – Iwata Tribute
05:50 – Intro, comments, voicemales
21:59 – Familial Feud
38:18 – News & Lies
1:07:39 – Confirming cultural biases through video games
1:21:31 – Kistarter watch: Gearilla, Playcool Web Design, Banana Hats
1:41:04 – Mario Bros movie discussion
2:00:01 – Outro

Friendly reminder: Lawyer Guy Surveys, Podcast and Movies

Hello all,

First off, I notice that a lot of the people who partook in the ‘LAWYER GUY CHALLENGE’ have not yet filled out a survey. It would really help me out (like and subscribe) if you fill out the survey, and I will be incorporating the opinions of basically everyone except Animitch, because he’s full of crap. If you haven’t done so already, please head to the new (I redesigned it tolday!) Lawyer Guy microsite and fill them out. There’s one general one at the top of the page, and two separate, level-specific ones farther down.

Second, I think this weekend is a podcast weekend (at the usual time of 3PM BST on saturday and all).  This means that we need to watch a next movie, and our cinematographic experts have selected the masterpiece known only as ‘Super Mario Bros’. It features Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo and Dennis Hopper. And I (with no real confirmation, but we did it this way last time) shall assume that we’re going to be viewing it on Friday evenink (BST). So please join us in afterdark at that time, or find another way to watch the movie, else you will miss the discussion of this cinematic triumph.

Love, Cats

Episode 49 – Utensils Intensify

Listen on YouTube

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The gentlemen discuss utensils, waterfowl, animal butts, digital distribution, E3, the best of games and the worst of games. Plus: what games does the pope like?

5:19 – Intro\comments
12:39 – Family Feud
31:36 – E3 2015 discussion
37:46 – Terrible news & mundane lies
55:14 – Discussion of the Ace Attorney movie
1:05:03 – Kickstarter watch: the Utensil-mate and Millie the Cat
1:16:11 – Happyman’s Conundrum: what would a crossover between your favourite and least favourite games look like?
1:27:50 – Vidya top picks
1:33:58 – Conversation takes a strange turn

This episode was edited by Animitch. And it took him bloody ages.

Unrelated announcement: As some of you may know, I’m developing my own game. You can now download two playable demos of it at – please play it and fill out the feedback form! It’s fun! I promise!

If you want to make your voice heard on the show, send a Vocaroo or equivalent voice message to Please bear in mind that we recorded this episode before the previous one was out, so we will not be able to answer your comments until the next episode.

Announcing the first LAWYER GUY CHALLENGE

Things you should know about the first LAWYER GUY CHALLENGE:

  • It will be a stream event happening on Saturday the 11th in the evening, BST (normally when me and moogle stream zoldo). Around 7 BST, perhaps?
  • I need some poor saps to playtest my crappy game so I made up some kind of bullshit contest to justify it.
  • It will feature an all-new Lawyer Guy: Defender of Justice level with new graphics, enemies, platforming challenges and other enhancements. This level is devilishly difficult and can only be beaten by one with true mastery of all video games.
  • To compete, you only need to be able to stream. It would also be neat to do a googout (video only, audio not required) which is really as simple as installing xsplit (check out my tutorial).
  • There will be fabulous prizes. By that I mean ‘the winner will get a copy of TRIP: Steam edition’. If you don’t use steam, don’t worry, nobody wants this game anyway.
  • This is kinda short notice, if there aren’t enough people who want to participate then I will reschedule it.

Much love,


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