Like a book club, but with video games.

About Us is a politically correct semi-ironic video game stream and podcast. It was created to be a friendly gaming community without bad vibes. Ten years later, we’re still going strong! In fact, we’ve outlived most of our competitors, The Penny Arcade Report, Blockbuster Video, Woolworths and Margaret Thatcher.



Hello. I am Catsman. I know of many languages and can roll my tongue. I tend to stream horror games, Megaman, Zelda and Cave story a lot.


Fucking Fabulous.

Ok so, I’m MD122.  I like videogames.  I live in a lame little town in Central New York.  No, not the city.  I’ll play pretty much anything I can run, be that emulators or actual new games that have come out within the past 10 years.  Variety is pretty nice to me.  I prefer platformers and fighting games, and I’m terrible at first person shooters.  Or anything involving aim.

An accurate rendition of my aiming abilities.

You’ll generally catch me later than earlier, unless there’s nothing to do and nothing on the stream.  I’ll be the one streaming Mega Drive games (MD Mega Drive hurr hurr)  Also I’ll show up sometimes as part of another person’s stream.  Just listen for Michael Cera, and you’ll know I’m there.



I am just a guy that likes video games, if I was a archetype in the Hollywood film of the year I would be the guy who appears to give the main guy morale support and show him that people like me will be there for him, also I probably die off screen.

About the games I play. I believe if you stick with a single genre then you are going to miss out on so many games, I do my best to play many different games of all kinds and I always give 110%.



This is an example of Specs

Dr Specs Acula, at your service.

I’m gradually moving closer to taking control over the entire GLA and Catsman was finally tricked into giving admin rights to me: Specs.
I do a lot of our video and podcast editing. I also stream a lot on our twitch channel.

I’m often seen streaming meme games with Woolyshambler (eg. Shenmue), Weeaboo games with Zekusu, Capcom games with Shinymissingno or generally some Nintendo Shit if I’m on my own.

Here’s a youtube channel filled with my awful meme videos