Like a book club, but with video games.

Custom twitch emotes

It’s happening! We’re popular enough for twitch to give us our own emotes!



Okay, for real. There’s an extension for Firefox (and some other browser that spies on you) called FrankerFaceZ that lets you add your own shitty emoticons to a channel. So, submit your emoticons and ideas in a comment in this post, and I will send them in.

If possible, refer to the guidelines on the website I linked. But if you’re lazy, just link whatever images and I’ll make them into emotes.

Love, Cats

PS: New Max Overdrive Supreme Sunset Showdown Extreme not soon at all. I have a lot of work to do. When I eventually do film the episode, it’ll be good, though!

PPS: If you send me a single message about wordfilters on Steam I will block you forever. Not even joking. You must appeal to the powers that govern this world.

Max Overdrive Extreme Sunset Showdown Extreme Pilot

If you missed the recording, you should definitely watch it on Gather Your Party! (now with sound effects).
I will announce the date and time of the next recording on this blog.

In the meantime, you can apply to be a question-wrangler by sending an email to Be wary, if you want to wrangle questions for the show you won’t be allowed to compete in it. Questions should mostly be videogame related and funny whenever possible.

There will be a wait before the next episode because I will likely be adjusting the formula\rules and fixing bugs with the software. I’ll see you on the flipsiiiiiideeeeee.

Love, Cats

Pilot for a live gameshow airs this wednesday at 6PM

That’s 6PM GMT – if you’re in freedom land it’ll probably be like 10AM if you’re on the EAST coast and more like 1PM if you’re on the WEST (thanks md).

Anyway, live gameshow? Well… yes. GWA made me realize the demand we have for good original content that isn’t just video game streams, so I’m testing out a format. If you’re online and on GLA in the preceding 30 minutes, I’ll be asking for volunteers – and yes, there will be prizes! Shit ones.

The gameshow is sort of like what Mario Party would be if it were designed by a schizophrenic with a head full of videogame trivia and MS paint. It features questions, showdowns, sirens, explosions, pulse-pounding action and conundrums that will dumbfound even the smartest of alecs.

Enough talking. Here’s a tantilizing taste of what’s to come…


See you there.

Love, Cats


Episode 27 – Pokin’ Dodds HD Remix


The gentlemen discuss Space Funeral, millions of dollars, Trespasser and Sonic the Hedgehog. Dodds was asleep during the recording, so Catsman pokes him a lot to get him to make a noise.

  • 0:46 – Intro
  • 1:24 – Comments
  • 14:28 – Game Book Club: Space Funeral
  • 32:12 – What have you been playing?
  • 1:00:51 – News
  • 1:21:19 – Catsman’s Conundrum and nonsense
  • 2:02:28 – Outro

The next game book club game is Magical Doropie for the NES.

EDIT: Updated 03/09/2013 with a new edit. Cold open + post credits + different music + audio mastering + 20-25 minutes cut

GLA Minecraft server launches today



In the evening sometime (GMT, that is – if you’re in Amerikaa that’ll probably be late morning to early afternoon). We’re going to be running the RPG immersion pack from Feed the Beast, whose main constituent is DivineRPG. The aim of this mod is to keep the vanilla Minecraft experience intact, but it adds a series of alternate dimensions that slowly increase in difficulty, with tiered drops and resources for those who want a meatier game experience.

If you want to play, then go to the feed the beast website and download the launcher for yourself (then select ‘RPG immersion’ as the mod pack you want to launch). You might also want to take a look at the wiki page to get a good look at what’s in stock. Note: the server will be pirate-friendly but I have no idea how you’d make FTB work on your pirate copy of Minecraft.

See you all tomorrow for autism and technical difficulties!

Love, Cats

GWA Prediction Game Results

Thanks for watchin the season finale. The prediction game leaderboards are:

Laserkittymewmew: 17

Everdark: 16

Boigahs: 14

Mix Master Mao: 13

LunaticFortune: 13

Animitch: 12

Masha: 12

Ramal: 10

el jefe’s not the boss of anything now

GWA Prediction Game: Round 1, GentleMania

What up, how you living. GWA’s season 1 finale, GentleMania, is airing this Sunday and I thought I’d run a prediction game. You try to predict the outcomes of matches, and get points based on how many you get right. Simple stuff. The match card with questions is below, post your picks in the comments.

Pre-show: Daubi vs. Pyroco

Winner? [1p]

Method of fall? (pin, submission or count-out) [1p}

Pre-show: Doddski vs. Hazmatbrigade

Winner? [1p]

Method of fall? [1p]

AD Championship: Seanie vs. Mashakosha

Winner? [3p]

Method of fall? [1p]

Does Shadow Dom interfere? [1p]

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Catsman, WesWee, Murdoc, MD, Rustyheadphones, and SquirrelLazer

Winner? [5p]

Does he cash in before the end of the show? [2p]

Co-op Championship: Tzardom vs. Labor Union

Winners? [2p]

Method of fall? [1p]

Which winning member picks up the win? [1p]

Which losing member takes the fall? [1p]

Does Shadow Dom interfere? [1p]

Jabroni Championship: Jambalayabob vs. Kingofjibs

Winner? [2p]

Method of fall? [1p]

Six Man Tag: Forrest, Jillbore and ??? vs. The Blood Brothers

Winners? [3p]

Method of fall? [1p]

Which winning member picks up the win? [1p]

Which losing member takes the fall? [1p]

Does Shadow Dom interfere? [1p]

GLAdies Championship: Kristen vs. Fiendishkitty

Winner? [2p]

Method of fall? [1p]

Steel Cage Match: Mix Master Mao vs. LordRamal

Winner? [3p]

GWA Championship: Angry Scotsman vs. Debrel

Winner? [5p]

Method of fall? [2p]

Does Shadow Dom interfere? [2p]

Bonus Questions:

If any, how many teams will disband due to the show’s events? [1p]

Will Happyman make an impromptu tag team match? [1p]

Will the “BOING” in Waluigi Pinball sync up with the action? [1p]

Who was the driver? [4p]

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