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Important Notice about GLA User Data

I am writing to let you know that there may have been unauthorized access to some GLA user account information.

For your protection, I have personally banned Fish Heads from chat twice, maybe three times, and also the word ‘password’ from the chat. Additionally, if you type your password in chat or on this blog, it will appear as a series of asterisks. For example: the GLA master password is *******.

I hope that this measure will ensure that the stolen passwords will not spread around.

The hardworking staff behind the GLA have worked hard to cryptographically secure all user data as hard as possible. It is hardly cryptographically encrypted onto a 512mb USB drive shaped like a humping dog. I may or may not have lost it sold it loaned it to a guy called Mike who promised to get it back to me by tomorrow. However, I now have reason to believe that Mike’s intentions were not pure and noble.

Do not fear. All of your passwords and stored credit card details (from your auto-renewing GLA gold accounts) have been encoded by a thus-far unbreakable algorithm known as Base64. Even to the most sophisticated human eye or sniffer dog, it just looks like a random bunch of junk, like somebody somehow found a way to combine Asda’s ‘Chosen by You’ Honey Numbers cereal with Alphabet Soup, without letting the Alphabet Soup go dry and the Honey Numbers go soggy. However, unlike Honey Numbers, Base64 is not made of corn. It is made of computers.

In addition, the following items appear to be missing from my basement vault:

  • Catsman’s special chicken fried rice recipe
  • A locket of BaronVonBadbeaver’s beard
  • My signed AniMitch poster
  • A top secret episode of Gentlemen Discussing Vidya that was never supposed to see the light of day
  • My tray of unlabelled frozen sperm samples
  • My tray of unlabelled frozen greek yogurt
  • Most of Everdark’s fat (he is thin now)
  • The mousemat with my face on it
  • The last Mitsuru body pillow in the known universe
  • Tacoman

We also recommend that you change your password at any website where you use the same or a similar password. Remember to seal your doors and windows at night. Trust nobody. Remain indoors. Do not think about the incident. Do not look at the hooded figures in the dog park.  We will communicate directly with affected users with additional details.

If you have any information about who might have been responsible for this, please come forward. Although I have not seen this person, I believe that they may look similar to the individual in this photograph.

Much Love,


All stream keys reset; chaos upon Twitch – Read this for the juicy details

As part of the twitch-wide data breach discussed in this here blog post, twitch have one again proved their relative incompetence by leaking a bunch of ‘cryptographically protected’ (their words, not mine, they better be salted or I’ll be mad) passwords, along with other user data. Apparently this extended to stream keys, because those also seem to have been reset for all users.

By the time you read this message, I will have sent keys to everyone who had a stream key previously, and also everyone on my list of current broadcasters. The algorithm that generates the keys is untouched. This means that, if I generate you a key for the same e-mail address you used previously, your current key will still work! If it a different key, you will need to fish it out of your email and input it into your streaming program.

If you had a GLA account, your stream key will have been sent\re-sent to that email address. Remember to check your spambox! If your current key has stopped working and you have not received new one yet, then please contact me immediately by email ( Please use the email account associated with your past GLA application so that I can verify your identity.

Much love,


GWA King of the Ring Card + Predict the winners!

KOTR15 2

  1. March 25th, 15.00 Eastern US / 20.00 UK / 21.00 Central Europe

    1. [3p] LordRamal vs. Angry Scotsman / KotR B-Block Semifinals
    2. [3p] Everdark vs. SquirrelLazer (c) / Tables Match, for the After Dark Championship
    3. [3p] Kingofjibs vs. Forrestdumps / KotR A-Block Finals
    4. [2p] Danica Patrick & Hexler vs. Kristen & Catsman / Mixed Tag Team Match
    5. [2p] Mix Master Mao vs. TBA / GWA Dream Fights
    6. [3p] The Tzardom (c) vs. The Metalheads / for the Tag Team Championships
    7. [3p] Scotsman or Ramal vs. Doddski / KotR B-Block Finals
    8. [3p] Manyfist (c) vs. Narc / for the Hardcore Championship
    9. [4p] A-Block Winner vs. B-Block Winner / KotR Grand Finals
    10. [4p] Tacoman (c) vs. Saltyoven / “Pirate’s Plunder” Ladder Match for the GWA World Heavyweight Championship

    In total, the King of the Ring prediction game is worth 30 points!

Max Hyperdrive: Snow Show

The gameshow about games returns.

Max Hyperdrive Extreme Sunset Showdown Supreme could be most accurately described as a ‘post-gameshow’. The crude visuals are generated in realtime by specially-developed software. We record new episodes live on – check our blog for announcements.


Dog: Horatio P. Catsman
Contestants: Almightyfunk, Mix Master Mao, Freakydemon
Announcer: Kyle ‘Kyle Johnson’ Johnson
Producer: Happyman
Zoltran: Jambalaya Bob
Parallel-universe Dog: Jon Williams

Music I didn’t put in the credits: Anders Dator Felix Dator, Nightbeat, Dubmood\The Hives

Video credits: Static by recroom, opening videos by lariontsev, RT, NuclearAdvisor.


Podcast Recording + New Game Server

Hello to all. We’ll be recording another podcast episode on Saturday the 14th of March 2015, at 3PM GMT. Please join if you get the chance.

Second of all: Moogle has found his way to having a bunch of credit for a company inventively called ‘gameservers’. If you have any particular preference, feel free to suggest a game from this here list. This is a managed server and hence the game has to be from that list, you can’t just install any game on there.

Also, Max Hyperdrive is in editing. I’m trying to chop it down some and account for some of the audio problems and bugs that we had. Please stay tuned.

Much Love,


Episode 45 – Couth


The gentlemen discuss Amiibo spitebuying, game demos, Evolve’s DLC, live action Zelda, and Uncle Pavlov’s Discount Gaming Emporium. Plus: what if Bethesda made a golden gate bridge?

4:13 – Commentz
9:48 – Family Feud
27:49 – News (aka: anyway, our next)
56:38 – Conundrum

Edited by Animitch and Mix Master Mao.

The next book club glame is Hard Time.

If you want to make your voice heard on the show, send a Vocaroo or equivalent voice message to

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