Like a book club, but with video games.

GDV Book Club – Dark Souls (Part 2)

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I claimed the Lordvessel. It was all sunlight, fire and dark, and within a week we had killed my princess and hit the road.

Table of Contents
00:00:21 – Dark Anor Londo
00:07:31 – Return to the Undead Asylum
00:14:40 – Painted World of Ariamis
00:27:21 – Firelink Altar
00:34:44 – Darkroot Basin
00:47:37 – New Londo Ruins
01:04:41 – Demon Ruins
01:13:20 – Lost Izalith
01:19:33 – The Catacombs
01:31:28 – Tomb of the Giants
01:43:31 – Duke’s Archives
01:52:23 – Crystal Cave
01:57:36 – Oolacile Sanctuary
02:01:10 – Royal Wood
02:12:18 – Oolacile Township
02:18:10 – Chasm of the Abyss
02:23:39 – Kiln of the First Flame
02:30:32 – Final thoughts

DkS2’s Bounding Demon

Thank you to YT users eroticfishcake and Sir Fist for uploading the game’s ambient sounds and dialogue files.

GDV Book Club – Dark Souls (Part 1)

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The Book Club is back and in effect! Happyman, Mike, Moogle and Specs discuss Dark Souls’ first half area by area, from breaking out of the Undead Asylum to claiming the Lordvessel at Anor Londo. Listen carefully, skeleton.

It goes without saying that this episode contains spoilers for the whole game, but we try to keep quiet about the sequels (Specs hasn’t played them).

Table of Contents
00:01:15 – Intro
00:04:50 – The narrative
00:10:30 – Northern Undead Asylum
00:19:25 – Firelink Shrine
00:33:39 – Undead Burg
00:51:24 – Undead Parish
01:08:16 – Darkroot Garden
01:13:27 – Lower Undead Burg
01:19:11 – The Depths
01:33:11 – Blighttown
01:40:43 – Quelaag’s Domain
01:47:50 – Great Hollow & Ash Lake
01:59:25 – Sen’s Fortress
02:14:01 – Anor Londo
02:31:00 – Gwynevere & The Lordvessel

All Games Should be Dark Souls
List of cut content
Sideview map of Lordran
Don’t taunt at Mushroom Dad
All NPC laughs
Kart Souls
Sagrada Familia

Thank you to YT users eroticfishcake and Sir Fist for uploading the game’s ambient sounds and dialogue files.

Lawyer Guy Demo 3 (Tetrahedron Alley) released

Hi all,

I would like to thank all of Lawyer Guy’s tireless and very patient playtesters. You can now download Lawyer Guy Demo 3 from the Lawyer Guy website. The game is also now available on and GameJolt.

If you playtested this version or the last version, you should be able to find your name on the new credits screen. Also, the level has changed quite substantially since the version that playtesters were given, so give it another shot if you want to see the changes made in response to your feedback.

My plan is to have another level out in less than 2 years.



Episode 63 – Stourhead Panic

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Emulation, Miiverse comments, coffee, skeletons, and pubs. Please comment and tell us about your local greasy dive bar!

New Family Feud survey:

13:42 – Intro & Kickstarter Watch
17:15 – Catsman reviews British chain pubs
30:57 – Conundrum #1
38:08 – Skeleton of the Month
39:46 – Mike crashes the party
43:27 – News?
50:46 – Greasy bar stories
1:15:29 – Some actual video game discussion
1:38:03 – Conundrum #2
2:05:37 – Miiverse chat

Nintendo theme park trailer:
The Strid:
Skeleton at Happyman’s dad’s office:
New Seaman:

This episode was edited by Happyman.

Podcast on friday, starting sometime between 7PM and 8PT BST

Remember that this is british summertime now and the time gap might be weird for you, as always you can find that out on this handy website.

Please bring something that you think is interesting for show and tell, or I will insist on talking about a bunch of garbage that I made up!

Love, Cats

PS: To all playtesters of Lawyer Guy who may be looking forward to seeing their name in the credits because the game has actual credits: apologies for the delay. Busy as always. Good news is, I will soon be outsourcing my entire internet persona to catsmanbot, whom I have recently taught to use the word ‘whom’ incorrectly.

Episode 62 – Yahaha!

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This one’s mostly about Breath of the Wild. BROUGHT TO YOU BY CATSMANBOT

9:55 – Intro, unfinished comments, idle talk
33:59 – Zelda – Complaining about voice acting
51:01 – Zelda – Story
58:17 – Zelda – Gameplay
1:38:27 – Zelda – Music
1:59:02 – Zelda – Other stuff
2:40:26 – Other games (for honour, stellaris, some dumbass sandbox survival thing, yooka laylee, divinity original sin 2)
3:18:01 – More games (LTTP randomizer, persona V, chris-chan, bayonetta 2, MonHun, switch reflections)

Podcast on the 22nd

Hi all! Based on the people I’ve surveyed, it seems as though the 22nd is the preferred date. Likely around our usual time (3PM). We’re now in British Summertime, just to make things confusing. If you’re reading this, you’re welcome to come along, you can find our mumble info in the sidebar to your right. Remember that I am still trying to make SHOW&TELL a thing, so bring any interesting bits of news, gossip or idle speculation you like. In other words, do my job for me because I am oh so lazy. Also because if you don’t, I have prepared another segment, which will be awful.

I don’t have too much else to report – but I hope to be streaming some more Lawyer Gyy development in the coming week. If you haven’t sent me feedback yet, you have until whenever I decide to start streaming!

Love, Cats

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