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I am alive

And I’m feelin’ fine.

So, yeah, I haven’t really been on GLA at all recently. For good reason though, what with all the moving halfway across the country and starting university and all the exams and assessments and coursework, it has literally been too much for me. But I’m settling into the routine now, so It’s time for me to try and get a handle on this website.

What am I working on right now? Well, there’s a minor update coming for the GLA site (just bug fixes, typo\spelling corrections, boring stuff) and a major update for Gather Your Party in preproduction RIGHT NOW. I can’t really tell you much about it, but rest assured, it’ll make GYP look really cool, and I’ll probably also be lending this channel to them because there are some GYP people that said that they’d be interested in having a stream. So, best case scenario is that we get more stream hours on here and both sites get more organic traffic from That would be cool. More details when things are more formalised.

Now that I actually have some time, I’ll be working through all the applications that have built up over the past few weeks (sorry those of you who have been kept waiting). Also, I should point out – if you’re a GLA user and want to write for Gather Your Party, I will literally give you a free pass through their very discerning admissions process (provided I know you). So if you have something games-related that you want to get off your chest, shoot me an email!

Anyway, that’s all for now, stay tuned, stay frosty, there’s lots of great stuff in the pipeline and I’m just happy to be done with my exams for another 6 months. Got a ton of games I really need to stream. Off, Haunt, Mobiloid, Eryi’s Action, Euro Truck Simulator 2 (one-way ticket to being middle aged) and a VERY SPECIAL STREAM which I can’t tell you about yet.

Love, Cats
PS: Podcast this sunday. Check the sidebar.

ZMans Diary 3

Dear Diary,

Gee I sure have been gone for a long time diary and boy do I have lots to share! So my mommy came into town for Christmas and so did my uncle! Me and mommy went Christmas gift shopping this year! I bought beads and painting stuff XD! I used these to make two of my friends gifts which I just know they will love because that’s what they were made with! My Christmas was awesome!! I got ummm a hippo!!!!!! It even snowed on Christmas which is the best! When I was little I thought some magical force made it snow on Christmas no matter what boy can you guess my surprise the first time it didn’t haha. I played in the snow though! My dog and cat didn’t want to play with me but I played in the snow haha. There was even this one part where the snow had built up along the side of a house and I did a whole front flippity into it!!!!! I know crazzzzzzzzy! :P I sure have been busy lately and things don’t look like they will slow down but it’s all the good kinds of busy I promise! I miss my family at the GLA and I’m sure they miss me I try to drop by now and again though! After Christmas I got sick :c. Really sick. I’ve never been so sick in my life sick. I had all sorts of crazy symptoms for four whole days! I had great company though as my friend was nice enough to text me the whole entire time! (I know I know I’m usually not much of a texter but I was bed ridden haha) It ment so much to me! Then I got better :D! After all that I’ve just been running around doing busy body people stoof! Also if your curious I still haven’t finished making Christmas gifts and I have to send some of them haha and I see them and I get all excited and want to just mail them right them but I have to be patient hehehe fortunately my buddies are understanding and patient (they also have some to send maybe one for me!!!). Late Christmas might just be better then real Christmas or at least just as good!!!!! Fortunately I’ve finished the Spheal I mentioned last time and it looks dandy doo alright! Although I melted the beads a bit to much in some places because I was scared they wouldn’t melt enough hahahaha woopsies still looks good though (smells bad though hehehehe) and then I finger painted my friend a pineapple I owe her! She’s going to be so surprised! Dats all for now diary so sorry for the long break thanks for waiting. <3      (the gifts I made if anyone’s curious hehe my hand is for size reference hahaha)

Love lots,



(P.S. Dragaroth this diary entry is dedicated to you! :3)

Episode 16 – Test Your Might


With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, the gentlemen come together to discuss the Mortal Kombat movie, Bobby Kotick’s dating life, as well as 2012 in games and what we can expect out of 2013.


(January’s vidya top picks are Anarchy Reigns, Ni no Kuni, and DMC. If you couldn’t make the recording but would still like to submit your picks, send them to Happyman at

Merry Christmas from the Johnsons

The winners of the gift giveaway have been sent their prizes (mostly)! The overall winner was Tzar, who won 7 entire games. Now maybe if you were more like Tzar, you’d have won 7 games, hmm?

Anyways, the following people also entered (and won) but I have no way to contact them. If you’re one of these people, you should email me on the double!
Geosol – 1 game
Ashketchup173 – 1 game
Dragaroth – 1 game
Zerodeck – 1 game

So, thanks everyone for entering, and have a holly, jolly Winterval.

Love, Cats

PS: One other thing – make sure you answer the most recent poll – a few people expressed dissatisfaction with me that we were streaming aRTS games because they’re pretty confusing to watch if you’re not into the genre. But please don’t take away people’s ability to stream them unless you really, actually genuinely can’t watch them. Even if it’s just a bit of filler I’d rather have a stream than no stream, personally.

PPS: You should read my awesome interview on Gatheryourparty.

ZMans Diary 2

Dear Diary,

I stayed up all the manys of the night tonight playing video games!@#@$#% Also I learned im a pretty quickity mcquick quick typed mmmhmm das right be impressded under best circumstances i got 97 wpm!!!! under not so many good i got like 70~ :O. Anywhosits my mommy gets into town tomorrow and she is going to come christmas shopping with me i have to buy some of the stuff to make some of the gifts :3. My cat seems to have taken a liking to my room more so then usual probably having to do with the fact he loves me and christmas so much or that its getting colder outside but i think its me ^^. I’ve decided the 8-bit bead art thingy im making for my friend is going to be of a Spheal yep thats right the pokemans! I’m going to make at least one keychain sized one and if i have enough beads id really like to make a dinner plate sized one I KNOW RIGHT das big! Am so many exciteds. I bought bananas at the store yesterday and they are all good to eat today! I’m so lazy sometimes because bananas are so convenient and healthy!@ Which is good for me because I’m trying to gain weight and eat more so people won’t worry about me so often hehe they’re so sweet for worrying but I don’t want them to worry because I love them <3. As for today I unno what I’m going to do hopefully figure out where to get the rest of my gifts and actually get to work on them!!! That’d be sweeeeeeeeeeeet. Thanks diary you the best.


Love manys,


Seanie appointed Senior Vice President and Emperor of Quality Control

He will share with you his many secrets of Xsplit and streaming in general. He is a mostly benevolent emperor so please do not get mad at him.

If you have not done so already, I’d strongly recommend you log into the admin area and view the tutorial (you were sent your login details via email, but you can request a password reset if you do not have them). It should tell you how to get the best audio and video quality out of Xsplit and FFsplit. Thank you.

Love, Cats

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