Like a book club, but with video games.

Applications are currently open!

Want to help us provide awesome round-the-clock live streaming video, play games and generally have a good time? You can! If you have a mediocre (or better) computer, a microphone and a broadband internet connection, you can get streaming in 10 minutes or less!

Applications on a postcard, please. Or, for you tech-savvy folks, email them to And in them, please include the following things:

  1. Your desired site username
  2. Your current country of residence
  3. A way for us to get in touch (Steam\Skype username or some other kind of IM is preferred)
  4. Anything else you think is relevant

Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about streaming, you’ll be given full instructions on how to get started, and some technical support, if necessary. Also, don’t worry if it takes me a while to respond to your email – it doesn’t mean I’ve rejected it, I’m probably just busy with other things. Thanks for your interest, and good luck!

Much love,