Like a book club, but with video games.

GWA Season 2 Finale – WinterBrawl

  1. [2p] Gentlerangers vs. Corporate Union / Six Man Tag Team Match
  2. [2p] Mooglepies vs. Narc / Singles Match
  3. [2p] Cat & Dodd Connection vs. Ghost Cops / Tag Team Match
  4. [4p] Kristen (c) vs. Robynn vs. Fiendishkitty vs. Danica Patrick / GLAdies Championship 4-Way
  5. [4p] Murdoc vs. El Taquito / 2/3 Falls Match
  6. [4p] Kingofjibs vs. Sef (c) / After Dark Championship
  7. [5p] Mix Master Mao vs. LordRamal / Steel Cage Match
  8. [5p] Hoffymann (c) vs. Hexler / GWA Championship
  9. [6p] Everdark, Jambalayabob, Boigahs, The Masked Man and Shadow Dom vs. Tzar, Debrel, Scotsman, Jillbore and Forrestdumps / Ten Man Elimination Tag Team Match

Bonus questions (2p for each):

  1. How many announce tables will bite the dust during the show?
  2. In the main event, who will be the last man or men standing on the winning team?
  3. Will Twitch chat force us to move to the After Dark?
  4. Will Waluigi Pinball finally sync?

The point values for correct guesses are listed before each match. Post your predicted winners in the comments. In total, WinterBrawl is worth 42 points!

Episode 35 – The Jbobberz Rap


The gentlemen respond to some aired grievances and discuss iPhone bird games, PC cat games, and that new Sonic game (for some reason). Also, Jambalaya bob shows off his freestyle rap skills, and Fanfiction Hour makes a triumphant return.

The next Book Club game is Yo! Noid on the NES. Don’t listen to the other suckas on the podcast, it’s actually a good game. /Happyman

  • 00:01:46 – Intro
  • 00:02:50 – Comments
  • 00:14:07 – News
  • 01:01:21 – Book Club
  • 01:17:10 – Catsman’s Conundrum
  • 01:35:50 – Fanfiction Hour – “Until The End Of Time”
  • 01:50:55 – Outro

Proposition: New theme tune for gentlemen dicussing vidya


When I started recording Gentlemen Discussing Vidya, I asked one Mr. Mike Arvela if we could borrow one of his songs to use as the theme tune for the podcast. He very kindly agreed. I am eternally grateful to him, because I didn’t want to write my own music – at that point I thought the podcast might last 2 or 3 episodes at most, and I wasn’t really interested in going to all the effort of writing a theme tune for it.

Well, we’ve apparently lasted for 34. The time has come. So have yourselves a listen and tell me what you think in the comments.

I am going to miss Mr. Arvela’s remix of the Matlock theme tune, and I don’t think there will ever be an interpretation (of that song, or of any song) quite as good. But dangit, we need to stop leeching of other people who are more talented that I. Sorry, Benny Goodman. If it’s any consolation, you’re dead, and I don’t think that ‘borrowing’ music from dead people should be illegal.

The song is supposed to sound seedy and maybe a little bit hip hoppity. I reuse an old motif from my unreleased soundtrack to the game ‘Hatman’. Would anyone here like to rap over the closing credits for me? I have reserved you a little section from around 0:40 to 1:20. We could even have a different person do it every week! No, I don’t care how white you are.

Love, Cats

Episode 34 – In Memory of Uncle Phil


Catsman is late, so the Gentlemen discuss third-party Xbox controllers, Tuscan whole milk, COD Mega Bloks, Broken Age, VR, and

  • 54:00 – Actual start of the podcast and the news
  • 1:20:53 – Greenlight watch
  • 1:26:10 – Broken Age
  • 1:43:00 – Any other business
  • 1:57:08 – Tuscan Whole Milk review by Edgar
  • 2:03:28 – Vidya Top Picks
  • 2:16:50 – Kickstarter Watch
  • 2:28:04 – Actual end of podcast

GLA Sings: “People”

The GWA season 2 finale is a month away, give or take, and I want to do a group sing of the ending theme to play at the end of the show. All you gotta do is send me an audio file or a vocaroo of you singing this song.

Here are the lyrics.

I’m not stingy about how good your singing voice is, all I ask is to be on key and on rhythm so I can sync you up to the other singers. If you want to give a little shout-out or something during the interludes, go ahead.

Podcast recording moved to sunday at 3PM

Spoke with Happyman. Podcast is now usual time. Huzzah!

I may still be unavailable for future podcasts, but that’s more a function of how difficult electromagnetism is. We will be trying to sort out a consistent recording time, but it probably won’t be sunday.

Love, Cats

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