Like a book club, but with video games.

Friendly reminder: Lawyer Guy Surveys, Podcast and Movies

Hello all,

First off, I notice that a lot of the people who partook in the ‘LAWYER GUY CHALLENGE’ have not yet filled out a survey. It would really help me out (like and subscribe) if you fill out the survey, and I will be incorporating the opinions of basically everyone except Animitch, because he’s full of crap. If you haven’t done so already, please head to the new (I redesigned it tolday!) Lawyer Guy microsite and fill them out. There’s one general one at the top of the page, and two separate, level-specific ones farther down.

Second, I think this weekend is a podcast weekend (at the usual time of 3PM BST on saturday and all).  This means that we need to watch a next movie, and our cinematographic experts have selected the masterpiece known only as ‘Super Mario Bros’. It features Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo and Dennis Hopper. And I (with no real confirmation, but we did it this way last time) shall assume that we’re going to be viewing it on Friday evenink (BST). So please join us in afterdark at that time, or find another way to watch the movie, else you will miss the discussion of this cinematic triumph.

Love, Cats

Episode 49 – Utensils Intensify

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The gentlemen discuss utensils, waterfowl, animal butts, digital distribution, E3, the best of games and the worst of games. Plus: what games does the pope like?

5:19 – Intro\comments
12:39 – Family Feud
31:36 – E3 2015 discussion
37:46 – Terrible news & mundane lies
55:14 – Discussion of the Ace Attorney movie
1:05:03 – Kickstarter watch: the Utensil-mate and Millie the Cat
1:16:11 – Happyman’s Conundrum: what would a crossover between your favourite and least favourite games look like?
1:27:50 – Vidya top picks
1:33:58 – Conversation takes a strange turn

This episode was edited by Animitch. And it took him bloody ages.

Unrelated announcement: As some of you may know, I’m developing my own game. You can now download two playable demos of it at – please play it and fill out the feedback form! It’s fun! I promise!

If you want to make your voice heard on the show, send a Vocaroo or equivalent voice message to Please bear in mind that we recorded this episode before the previous one was out, so we will not be able to answer your comments until the next episode.

Announcing the first LAWYER GUY CHALLENGE

Things you should know about the first LAWYER GUY CHALLENGE:

  • It will be a stream event happening on Saturday the 11th in the evening, BST (normally when me and moogle stream zoldo). Around 7 BST, perhaps?
  • I need some poor saps to playtest my crappy game so I made up some kind of bullshit contest to justify it.
  • It will feature an all-new Lawyer Guy: Defender of Justice level with new graphics, enemies, platforming challenges and other enhancements. This level is devilishly difficult and can only be beaten by one with true mastery of all video games.
  • To compete, you only need to be able to stream. It would also be neat to do a googout (video only, audio not required) which is really as simple as installing xsplit (check out my tutorial).
  • There will be fabulous prizes. By that I mean ‘the winner will get a copy of TRIP: Steam edition’. If you don’t use steam, don’t worry, nobody wants this game anyway.
  • This is kinda short notice, if there aren’t enough people who want to participate then I will reschedule it.

Much love,


Status: Max Hyperdrive and Lawyer Guy

Hi Hello. I’ve been dragging my heels on Max Hyperdrive for a while now, mostly because the actual ‘gameshow’ segment is going to need a ground-up rewrite. Part of what I want to focus on is less in the way of ‘elaborate’ (I use that word very loosely) boards and minigames, and more focus on questions, audience participation and direct competition between players. I totally burned out after Snow Show and will probably not be working more on Max Hyperdrive in the immediate future, although I will return to it. I have a bunch of stuff ‘drawn’, a bunch of ‘game’ ‘designed’ and a bunch of scripts ‘written’ so it’d be a waste if I didn’t. Sorry about the delay. Making shit things is hard work.

I HAVE been working on Lawyer Guy. In fact it’s been taking a large chunk of my time recently, and moving faster than it ever was. Are you people interested in seeing more Lawyer Guy related content here? I was thinking of doing videos covering dev\design stuff and more streams as well. I was also considering separating out the Lawyer Guy challenges from Max Hyperdrive and having them as their own separate thing (mostly because I really need playtesters…)

Would that appeal? Give me your thoughts in the comments. Limmerick form preferred.

Love, Cats

Stream keys resent, Twitch lost them again

If you’ve gotten a new key, that is why. You should use it!

If you need a key and haven’t gotten one, shoot an email to, or come to my house and bang on my windows. I am in from around 6PM until 8:30AM every day. I sleep on weekends and you cannot wake me.

I curse with my last breath. I think I am having a stroke. Either that or somebody is burning portugese-style peri-peri sauce outside.

Much love,



Book Club Game Film on Friday Evenink; Podcast at 3PM on Saturday the 27th

Don’t think about that one too much. Happyman wants it to be Phoenix Wright, and I would not object. If you intend to come on the podcast on saturday, you should watch as well. I don’t have a time for the film, but I do have a time for the podcast: 7AM West Coast / 11AM East Coast / 3PM UK / 4PM Central Europe.

If you have more suggestions for films, post them here so that someone can download them.

I will not download Aladdin 3.

Love, Cats

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