Like a book club, but with video games.

Podcast proposition: Friday 25th September in the evening (GMT)

I don’t know what time exactly, but I will try and announce it beforehand, and also send out a steam announcement and all that stuff. Would sometime around 6PM or 7PM (British summertime) suit?

I am also going to be scheduling a movie viewing before then, possibly on the evening before or directly before the podcast. If you have any thoughts on this, leave them in a comment below.

Love, Cats

PS: Sorry for lack of progress on FNATM, I’ve been busy.

Episode 51 – Droopy Unicorn Horn

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The gentlemen discuss Art Attack, Legobama, waifu worship, Gamestop drugs, and Moist Ben. Plus: Mitch invents a perpetual motion machine.

4:30 – Comments and voicemales
15:40 – Family Feud – Mitch’s Family vs. Shiny’s Family
34:21 – News and Lies
55:01 – Kickstarter Watch – Million Dollar Kickstarter, Perpetual Motion, Woke to an Idea
1:16:20 – Tippity Top vidya picks
1:20:49 – Conundrum & Random Banter

Lego Bible
Ixion_90’s hair
Mitch’s perpetual motion machine

Answer our new family feud questions so that we can be dumbfounded and outraged by your answers, this time with all-new user submitted questions!


Meow meow meow meow nyan nyaaaa~~~ nyan nyannnn nyan meow nya meow meow mew mew maooooow mew maow mew nyan. n_n

Stream is back online

Hey, it’s early!

So, from hereon in things will carry on pretty much as they were.

I will be doling out the last of the administrator powers to Happyman (hopefully tomorrow), meaning he will have all the same powers I have. I will then be taking a more behind-the-scenes technical role, I want to get back to making games properly, and maybe working on updates for the site as well?

I’ve added a link to Mao’s stream in the sidebar of the site (scroll to where it says ‘links’).

Debrel and Freakydemon are both banned from the site, both for getting the channel 24 hour suspensions. It’s actually up to the discretion of the twitch admins as to whether you get a strike or you’re just permabanned, so we were actually quite lucky in both cases. No other users are banned from the site or mumble.

I have taken the liberty of removing stream keys from users who I assume don’t want them (e.g. Mao) but if you change your mind, you can send me an email and I will re-estate your key. Also, if I’ve mistakenly disabled your key, then please do the same thing.

Love, Cats

Some Kinda Podcast: 3PM on Saturday the 29th

Be there or be square! Rithim will be on it! And maybe Tacoman!

We will be watching Final Fantasy: Advent Children the night before. Sometime in the evening but I don’t know exactly when. I will announce it though.

We will be joined by some folks from another stream whose name and address is apparently not final yet. To answer your inevitable questions and\or concerns: yes this stream is formed by people who were\are unhappy with the GLA’s moderation policies. No, I do not want to change the GLA’s moderation policies, but I do want to maintain friendly relations with that stream. Whatever it ends up being called. Something to do with Jonald?

Love, Cats

3 day ban from twitch

Hi All,

We’re banned from Twitch again. It’s another temporary ban but this time longer (for 3 days). For now, I have switched the main channel over to Afterdark.

Secondly, I am making Happyman co-admin of the channel. Officially!

Thirdly: ‘ironic’ hate speech is still hate speech. Hate speech is only sometimes protected by american law, never by UK law, not by twitch’s terms of service, and not by this website’s vague definition of ‘polite and gentlemanly’. If you have a problem with that then I would politely advise that you start visiting a different stream channel, I would advise either Ladderstream or WTBfun.

Until then please have fun on afterdark, and message me on steam if you want an afterdark key.



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