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Updates on the podcast

Some of you may be aware that we’re thinking of ways to re-vitalise the podcast. We haven’t been going regularly for a while and we’re trying to get a schedule going to bring it back to about monthly. Catsman has noted that the news section is often a drag (it’s longer and much worse while recording and I axed about half of it during last episode’s edit).

In the interest of reducing the news section to something more fun and manageable while still trying to have some set topics to talk about, we’re going to bring back the Video Game Book Club. We’ll decide a game to play each month and will talk about it on the next podcast. I’m aiming to stream these games (and I encourage others to do so) and I’ll likely upload my playthroughs to our youtube channel so people who can’t/don’t want to play can at least experience the games we talk about in some format.
We’ll be letting you know which games we will be playing in advance so that you can play them too and see if your views align with ours. Feel free to comment with your thoughts on the game announcement posts or in the comments sections of the podcasts we discuss then in.

“Yo Noid! 2: Enter the Void” will be our first book club game of the new season. Here’s an almost download link:
Yo Noid! has a rich history with the GLA. Woolyshambler will defend it to the death and it, as well as The Noid himself, has been discussed multiple times on previous episodes of GDV. It’s an advertising game that released in Japan as “Masked Ninja Hanamaru” but was re-purposed to try to get people to buy more Domino’s Pizza.

I also realise that we haven’t done comments in a while and I keep meaning to go back through the last five or six episodes to grab them.

We’ll maybe be bringing back some other old sections and things may get a bit experimental in terms of format. Please look forward to that. As I often say: “Exspecs the unexspecsted!”
I’ve also decided that multi-track recording session editing is not a sustainable lifestyle choice and I will have to stop.

If you’d like to get involved in the podcast or just generally talk to us, then the best way to contact us these days is to hop in our discord:

Episode 70 – 10,000 Marios versus The Sun

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People who talked during this podcast: Catsman, Mooglepies, RSN_Bran, Rustyheadphones, Specs and Woolyshambler (AKA Happyman).

In this episode, the Gentlemen discuss The Beano, Tetris, Remakes and Video Game Movies.


  • 00:00:00 Pre-intro
  • 00:03:56 Intro
  • 00:06:27 News
  • 00:40:12 Tetris Talk
  • 00:43:21 Riddles of the Spinx
  • 01:08:47 Catsman’s conundrum – Remakes that we want to happen
  • 01:24:41 Moviewatch
  • 01:27:55 Outro


Doug Bowser takes over from Reggie Fils-Aimé as Nintendo of America CEO

Fallout watch:
Bethesda cracks down on Fallout 76 accounts with illicit “developer room” items
New Fallout 76 patch reintroduces old problems
Fallout 76 can’t differentiate between illegal item duplication and just crafting multiple items
Duplicated items are purged from player accounts
Player gets stuck in a locked DLC area and can’t leave

Nike shoes brick with app updates
Fortnite Live event in Norwich
Pokémon beta stuff
Xbox live on switch
Kirby has a skeleton
Metro Exodus on the Epic Store

This podcast was edited by: Specs
Just a note on the editing: I got some good feedback about the multi-track editing that I did last time. I streamlined the process and did the same for this podcast, but it still takes WAY too long to do it this way and I think that I will probably stop because it’s such a massive work of editing.

PS: Woolyshambler (AKA Happyman) has been putting together a series of podcasts about Pokémon, which you can check out at our YouTube channel.
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Episode 69 – Very Nice

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People who talked during this podcast: Catsman, Mooglepies, OkayHero, RSN_Bran, ShinyMissingno, Specs and Woolyshambler (AKA Happyman)

We discuss the games of last year as well as our hopes (and eventual crushed dreams) of the future; Specs trials his new gameshow format and Woolyshambler (AKA Happyman) walks out of his own window; Specs dreams about Catsman and then we discuss magical pornography. It all ends with post-burger music.


  • 00:00:00 Intro
  • 00:02:03 Game of the year talk
  • 00:17:58 What are we looking forward to?
  • 00:28:53 Specs’ Spectacular Quiz
  • 00:47:44 Megaman 11 and general Megaman talk
  • 01:02:15 News
  • 01:52:28 Deltarune chat
  • 01:56:06 Hamburger music and outro

Hamburger music was “And My Name’s Booster” from Super Mario: RPG and “Astral Alley” from Night in the Woods

News from this podcast:

The Vatican’s Pokémon Go Like App
Sony censorship
Snoop and Spyro
Playstation Classic is bad
Nintendo sues romsite for $12million
SWAT death
Millenial Monopoly
Carlton and backpack kid sue Fortnite
Fake Girl Gamers in Overwatch
DS games can be played online again

Fallout 76-watch:

Beta deletion bug
Can’t uninstall bug
Tied to framerate
No modchecks
Bag controversy
Support ticket data leaks

Randy Pitchford pornography (Thanks to “The Piff Pod”, I stole their audio from episode 75 and abridged it for our section on this).

PS: Woolyshambler (AKA Happyman) has been putting together a series of podcasts about Pokemon, which you can check out at our YouTube channel.
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This podcast was edited by: Specs

Please give me some feedback on the editing in this podcast. I edited it differently from how we normally do it in order to artificially make it so that nobody talks over each other (unless for artistic purposes). If enough people tell me that this is worthwhile then I may consider continuing to do it, but it was a pain in the arse to do.

Next recording is tentatively 15:00 GMT on 17/02/2019.

Episode 68.5 – Tony Hawk Ollying Into His Grave

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Specs dabbles in CBT. Catsman recalls all the athletes with bird names. Animitch consumes metal. Shiny explains the childbirth centrifuge. Mash goes to bed. Old man Moogle dabs, like he knows what that means. Plus, what would make Tony Hawk do a 900 in his grave?

  • 4:02 – Intro
  • 7:00 – What would make Tony Hawk do a 900 in his grave?
  • 9:46 – News
  • 1:02:51 – Catsman’s Conundrum: favourite NPC?
  • 1:12:26 – DOOM movie discussion
  • 1:23:20 – Neoyokio discussion
  • 1:33:16 – Animitch presents: tag, you’re it, the fetish identification game
  • 1:40:36 – Attempt to end

Edited by Catsman, and boy howdy was it a one.

Episode 68 – Sexy Pope Shoes

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‘i wouldn’t want to be the pedophile shoe’ – catsman

i took out the 3 minute bit about dead children. thanks for that specs.

  • 3:53 – Intro
  • 5:31 – ‘News’
  • 43:52 – Sonic the Hedgehog curry\Sonic the Hedgehog movie predictions
  • 51:17 – What’s that box art?
  • 1:02:01 – Catsman’s Conundrum: who’s the best Kong?
  • 1:07:10 – For some reason we spend ages talking about animated feet
  • 1:13:06 – Catsman gives 5 easy ways to fix Zelda: Breath of the Wild (you won’t believe number 2)
  • 1:34:19 – We try and make a bad videogame webcomic
  • 1:45:29 – Entropy
  • 1:55:17 – After the credits

PS: Happyman has been putting together a series of podcasts about Pokemon, which you can check out at our YouTube channel.

Episode 67 – Betrothed to Fred at 3 Years Old

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hey guys what it is, it is i catsman content creator from funny video game podcast with memes and references, dont you just hate downloadable content and order 1886? what does the donkey gong do with all those banans wont they all go bad in a few weeks how many banans do you think he has to eat

00:00 Rambling intro
2:45 Actual content starts
4:08 Cucked [sic] by my own vidya
12:02 News begins
-12:02 Ryan Reynolds is detective pikachu
-13:22 Movie announcements – Level it Lawrence, Slender, 5 Nights at Fred’s and Sleeping Dogs, Dook Nookem
18:36 If you could adapt a vidya game into a movie, which would it be and why?
-23:15 Grants for female streamers
-26:44 Discussion about David cage relating to new content from ex heavy rainer and sega
-31:09 Toad’s head is not a hat
-34:11 Valve are making games again?
-38:26 Runescape classic RIP
-40:36 Paladins uses overwatch art to promote itself
-41:29 RE7 streaming switch edition
-43:32 – Epic releasing fortnight assets free and battle royale chat including “which battle royale should nintendo make?”
-47:29 Luigi’s dick chat
-49:16 Capcom’s cryptid search
50:47 – Fred’s fanfics, round 1 (guess the fanfic from its tags)
54:57 – Catsman rants about controllers
1:01:05 – Xbox disability friendly controller and disability stories
1:04:50 – Fresh from the grill: WRONG ORDER! “Nook’s store and town hall”
1:09:41 – Fred’s fanfics are back
1:16:26 – Catsman’s conundrum: Which games series have only got better?
1:26:53 – John Harvey Kellogg
1:29:08 – Are you feeling lucky (the google game)
1:36:22 – It’s all Ogre.

Sandwich music:

This episode was edited by Specs.

PS: Happyman has been putting together a series of podcasts about Pokemon, which you can check out at our YouTube channel.

Site is back up, still slightly broken

Hello all,

Long-running stability problems should finally be fixed. We have moved from MariaDB back to MySQL (please don’t sue me, Oracle), from CentOS to Ubuntu, and from Apache to nginx. Unfortunately the change to nginx means I can no longer write permalinks using .htaccess files, so the permalinks (e.g. ‘’) are broken right now. I will fix that when I can work out how to fix that.

If you had a login for the GLA FTP server or various other things, that won’t work anymore. If you do need a login I can set you up with an SCP login instead (same deal, different protocol).

Love, Cats

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