Like a book club, but with video games.

Podcast recording: Friday 24rd of Jan, late

EDIT: At the behest of the Wrecking Crew, the recording has been moved to Friday the 24th.
When I say late, we’re talking evening (GMT). I’d like to move that we start the recording around 6PM. I would like to host and edit this podcast if possible. That’s 1PM in New York time, 10AM in Washington time, and 7PM if you’re from europe (or 8+ if you’re in eastern europe I guess). These are the times Wolfram Alpha gave me and you should verify yourselves that they are correct.

Tell me if you have any objections to this time in a comment. Hope to see you there!

Love, Cats

GWA King of the Ring – January 26th

  1. [2p] Themadvillainy vs. Doctorkoopa / Singles match
  2. [3p] El Taquito, Mao & Jillbore vs. Corporate Union / Six Man Tag Team Match
  3. [5p] LordRamal vs. Murdoc / King of the Ring Semifinals Match
  4. [2p] RudeBootie vs. Everdark / Tables match
  5. [5p] MD vs. Boigahs / King of the Ring Semifinals Match
  6. [2p] Still Alive PI vs. YouTube Money Inc. (Hexler & Narc) / Tag Team Match
  7. [5p] Kristen (c) vs. Danica Patrick / GLAdies Championship Match
  8. [6p] Winner of #3 vs. winner of #5 / King of the Ring Finals Steel Cage Match
  9. [3p] Dragaroth (c) vs. WesWee vs. Kingofjibs vs. Rustyheadphones vs. Jambalayabob vs. Fallout Man / Six-Pack Challenge to determine the final Jabroni Champion
  10. [7p] Shadow Dom (c) vs. Forrestdumps vs. Hoffymann / Triple Threat Match for the GWA Championship

The point values for correct guesses are listed before each match. Post your predicted winners in the comments. In total, King of the Ring is worth 35 points!

Could YOU be the hero the GLA deserves?

I have not yet edited the most recent podcast. Sorry about that. I’ve had christmas, family events and friends around and I haven’t been able to find the time, especially with all the studying I have to do. From now until the middle of 2015.

To compensate, I’m doing two things. First, I’m opening up the floor to new podcast editors. For the longest time it was Happyman and I, but I realize that my inability to deliver not one, but TWO podcasts means I should stop volunteering when I have coursework\exams on the go.

So, do you have what it takes? Editing the podcast is a fairly simple job – cut out boring chatter, trim down silences, remove distracting\loud noises, and generally make the conversation tick away in a faster and more interesting fashion. You also write the summary AND name the episode. Your average podcast will end up around 20% shorter when you’re done editing. If you’d like, I can also give you some pointers on how to correctly edit and master audio.

If you’re interested in helping, please contact my email, I can send you the raw recording of the most recent (pre-christmas) podcast for you to edit.

Podcast Format Changes

Secondly, there’s going to be a reshuffling of the podcast format in order to reflect the changing needs of the complex society in what which we all do not currently live. Happyman and I have been shunting emails back and forth, and here’s some stuff we’ve decided.

  • Game Book Club games will now be decided by a suggestion box and voting system, instead of on the podcast.
  • Fanfiction hour is back and better than ever. I’ve already found a ton of hilarious and utterly distasteful fanfiction. In light of my diminishing role as podcast editor, I will be recording every fanfiction from now on.
  • The ‘what have you been playing’ segment is officially ousted, replaced by a more general ‘any other business’ segment.
  • The ‘top vidya picks’ segment will have some small alterations made to it.
  • We may experiment with shorter ‘Gather Your Podcast’ style episodes.
  • We will no longer be allowing late-goers onto the podcast, unless you have a very good reason (e.g. you’re still coming back from work when we start recording, you have a piano recital, you have tuberculosis.) Sorry, but late people generally end up adding too many voices to the mix.

That’s all I have to say. Please moan at me in the comments and please, PLEASE, volunteer yourself for podcast editing. Happyman and I both have a lot of stuff on our collective crockery right now and could really use the help.

Love, Cats

Podcast recording: soon

Howdy all, I just thought I’d drop in and tell you that I want to have another podcast recorded by this time next week. I’ll be scanning the airwaves at all the regular timeslots (3PM GMT and sometimes 6PM GMT) between friday and monday, so keep your eyes peeled for steam announcements, tweets, notifications in the stream chat or steam messages directed at you.

The reason I’m calling a podcast early is because I have a lot of studying to do this holiday, so I want to get the podcast done fast. If you’d like to volunteer to sit my exams for me then I may be willing to reschedule.

Miscellaneous announcements: by default, I don’t give dashboard access to new streamers. If you have a stream key and want dash access, PLEASE message me on steam or email me, and DON’T FORGET TO FOLLOW THIS CHANNEL ON TWITCH.TV OR IT WILL NOT LET ME ADD YOU.

Love, Cats

GWA Elimination Chamber Match Card

  1. Boigahs [c] vs. Catsman vs. Sef vs. Animitch vs. MD vs. Mooglepies / Elimination Chamber for the After Dark Championship
  2. Ghost Cops & Baron vs. Beauty and the Beat & A New Challenger / Six Man Tag Team Match
  3. Rustyheadphones [c] vs. Dragaroth / Jabroni Championship Match
  4. Waifu Warriors [c] vs. Gentlerangers / Co-op Championship Match
  5. Kristen [c] vs. Kukuxumushu vs. Robynn vs. Tigerwolf Vix vs. Laserkittymewmew / Elimination Chamber for the GLAdies Championship
  6. Forrestdumps vs. Everdark & Jambalayabob / Handicap tag match for the Masked Man’s freedom
  7. Shadow Dom [c] vs. Murdoc vs. Mashakosha vs. Manyfist vs. Hexler vs. Hoffymann / Elimination Chamber for the GWA Championship

Post your predicted winners in the comments. Correctly guessed Elimination Chamber matches are worth 8 points, and all other matches are worth 4. In total, Elimination Chamber is worth 40 points!

Episode 31 – Por Dios y Por Castilla


The Gentlemen discuss Maldita Castilla, Christmas themed games, Christmas release games (there are none), Black Friday, Twitch shenanigans, and next gen.

[00:02:30] – Intro
[00:03:36] – Comments
[00:08:38] – Book Club: Maldita Castilla
[00:22:35] – Christmas games
[00:24:29] – News and non-news
[01:25:00] – Top vidya picks
[01:30:35] – What have you been playing?
[01:52:16] – Outro

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