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Like a book club, but with video games.

Podcast recording soon

I finish my exams this monday, so I’m looking to record sometime this week. I’ll let you guys know in advance, but I suspect that it will be this thursday evening (GMT). THERE I PUT IN THE SIDEBAR ARE YOU HAPPY YOU DINGUSES? I’ll also be streaming among the sleep, which came out recently, and hopefully finally finishing GYP2.

Love, Cats


Thanks to everyone for supporting and participating in the GWA for one year! You’ll find the awards vote results in the comments – this post is reserved for the GWA Prediction Game. The titular event of the largest match in the world is coming up, and here’s the card:

  1. [3p] Scottish Sunshine (c) vs. The Cat & Dodd Connection – Co-op Championship Match
  2. [3p] Freakydemon vs. Juju – Revenge Match
  3. [3p] Narc (c) vs. RudeBootie – Hardcore Championship Match
  4. [4p] Kristen vs. Fiendishkitty vs. Laserkittymewmew (c) vs. Robynn vs. Danica Patrick vs. Tigerwolf Vix – GLAdies Championship Battle Royal
  5. [5p] LordRamal (c) vs. MD – GWA Championship Hardcore Match
  6. [10p] 40-Man Royal Rumble for a title shot of the winner’s choosing at GentleMania 2


  1. [2p] What number will the Rumble winner enter from? 
  2. [2p] How many people will the winner eliminate? 
  3. [2p for each correct answer] Three guest entrants will be in the Rumble, both from WWE and from video games. Try to guess who they are. 

In total, the Royal Rumble is worth 40 points!

Episode 38 – A Road That You Go When You Die


In the pre-E3 news slump, the gentlemen put time into more important things, like Family Feud.

Our next Book Club game is American classic The Oregon Trail, playable in browsers here.

00:01:02 – Intro
00:01:52 – Game Book Club: Ib
00:22:16 – Family Feud: Mao’s Family vs. Mitch’s Family
00:54:22 – News
– Some kickstarter stuff
Call of Duty player calls SWAT on opponent
Activision invests 500 million in Destiny
1TB Denmark Minecraft map
Bob’s Game
01.20:18 – Catsman’s Conundrum
01:46:32 – Outro

Gentlemens Ultra Tournament – Brackets

gla tourni

So registration is over and the fighters have been randomly drawn out of a fedora.

the current standings can be viewed at,

The time and date for the tournament will be –  16th and 17th of May, 21:00 Europe/20:00 GMT\15:00 East Coast\12:00 West Coast.

if someone missed registration but still wants to compete they are more than welcome just comment in this post with your Steam ID, however you will imediatly be placed in losers brackets.

thank you for your interest and hope to see you there.

Episode 37 – Purification In Progress


The gentlemen answer some voicemails, discuss OFF, reminisce about the Game Boy and play a clutch as hell game of Family Feud. Also a fanfic which Happyman recommends that you skip.

0:00:39 – Intro & Voicemails
0:08:26 – Family Feud – Ramal’s Family vs. Freaky’s Family
0:38:27 – Book Club – OFF by Mortis Ghost
1:07:27 – News
1:35:44 – Catsman’s Conundrum
1:49:07 – Fanfic
1:57:27 – Fanfic Reactions & Outro

The book club game for next time is Ib.

(As of this episode, we no longer respond to the comments on-air. If you want us to answer your comments or questions on air, send a short voicemail to

Game Boy 25 years old –
Civ 5: Beyond Earth –
Borderlands –
Disney buys people –
Tomodachi Life –

OFF Download –
OFF on LP Archive –

Ib Download –

We’ve started posting stream highlights on our youtube channel
Mitch is hosting a Street Fighter tournament
Answer our family feud survey for a chance to screw over one of our participants with your inane answer

Moogle calls dibs on streaming Bayonetta 2

So apparently you call dibs to stream a game and stop other people doing it before you by making a blog post about it. Apparently nobody does this, and when they do, everyone ignores it I look forward to being added to that hallowed list of great people.

I have every intention of streaming Bayonetta 2 on release, and if you take this from me I will find you, and I will do horrible things to you. Horrible things, like hiding your keys, or moving your glasses somewhere else when you take a shower. I’ll also work magic on you so that you go into rooms and forget why you went there. It’ll be bad, you don’t want that.

The exception to this is of course if the game is delayed a large amount in Euroland compared with other territories – in which case, fill your boots. And fuck you for getting it early, you dicks.

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