Like a book club, but with video games.

Merry Christmas from the Johnsons

The winners of the gift giveaway have been sent their prizes (mostly)! The overall winner was Tzar, who won 7 entire games. Now maybe if you were more like Tzar, you’d have won 7 games, hmm?

Anyways, the following people also entered (and won) but I have no way to contact them. If you’re one of these people, you should email me on the double!
Geosol – 1 game
Ashketchup173 – 1 game
Dragaroth – 1 game
Zerodeck – 1 game

So, thanks everyone for entering, and have a holly, jolly Winterval.

Love, Cats

PS: One other thing – make sure you answer the most recent poll – a few people expressed dissatisfaction with me that we were streaming aRTS games because they’re pretty confusing to watch if you’re not into the genre. But please don’t take away people’s ability to stream them unless you really, actually genuinely can’t watch them. Even if it’s just a bit of filler I’d rather have a stream than no stream, personally.

PPS: You should read my awesome interview on Gatheryourparty.

ZMans Diary 2

Dear Diary,

I stayed up all the manys of the night tonight playing video games!@#@$#% Also I learned im a pretty quickity mcquick quick typed mmmhmm das right be impressded under best circumstances i got 97 wpm!!!! under not so many good i got like 70~ :O. Anywhosits my mommy gets into town tomorrow and she is going to come christmas shopping with me i have to buy some of the stuff to make some of the gifts :3. My cat seems to have taken a liking to my room more so then usual probably having to do with the fact he loves me and christmas so much or that its getting colder outside but i think its me ^^. I’ve decided the 8-bit bead art thingy im making for my friend is going to be of a Spheal yep thats right the pokemans! I’m going to make at least one keychain sized one and if i have enough beads id really like to make a dinner plate sized one I KNOW RIGHT das big! Am so many exciteds. I bought bananas at the store yesterday and they are all good to eat today! I’m so lazy sometimes because bananas are so convenient and healthy!@ Which is good for me because I’m trying to gain weight and eat more so people won’t worry about me so often hehe they’re so sweet for worrying but I don’t want them to worry because I love them <3. As for today I unno what I’m going to do hopefully figure out where to get the rest of my gifts and actually get to work on them!!! That’d be sweeeeeeeeeeeet. Thanks diary you the best.


Love manys,


Seanie appointed Senior Vice President and Emperor of Quality Control

He will share with you his many secrets of Xsplit and streaming in general. He is a mostly benevolent emperor so please do not get mad at him.

If you have not done so already, I’d strongly recommend you log into the admin area and view the tutorial (you were sent your login details via email, but you can request a password reset if you do not have them). It should tell you how to get the best audio and video quality out of Xsplit and FFsplit. Thank you.

Love, Cats

ZMans Diary 1

Dear Diary,

Christmas is coming on so fast I am soooooo excited. I get to make presents for some of my bestest friends in the world being a poor college student sure can be fun sometimes! I have to get one of my friends dirt! I’m going to try and make another friend and 8-bit bead art thingy that should be super duper fun!!!! And paint for another friend probably a pineapple I like pineapples a lot there the bestest especially when they are fresh and stuff! It rained today and I got to play in it, it was wonderful!@#!@ I came back inside all wet and stuff and was like welp time to go take a shower so I got even more wet but clean this time. Then I played video games and stayed up all night and my friend got a new kitten I was sooooooo jealous but its soooooo cute that its otay. Then I hung out at the GLA and people entertained me there I havent seen some of them in ages i sure do miss them they should all be around more often when I am around thatd fix that :DDDD. So umm yeah das my day. Keep this between you and me diary. Thanks as always.

Love you too, bye


Episode 15 – True Doom Murderheads


Happyman, Catsman, Boigahs, Hoffy, Juju, Ramal, Mooglepies and Reinbach go over the torrential flood of embarrassment that was the 2012 Spike VGAs, as well bad Facebook promos, Notch’s money grubbing ways, Kojima’s merit as a writer, and two hilarious new Kickstarters. Also, another gay Smash Brothers fanfic – but from an entirely new perspective.

This episode was edited, mastered and produced by Happyman. Who did a great jorb.

Episode 14 – Cat Lover


This episode features Catsman, Crystalis, Daubi, Dodds, Depressed Happyman, Juju, Mooglepies and Xevrex discussing The WiiU, focus groups, DmC, Robert Florence, Waluigi, and cats. Plus, Happyman reads one of the worst fanfictions I have ever heard.

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