Like a book club, but with video games.

Episode 8 – Gibraltar


This episode features Catsman, Dodds, Doyah, Everdark, Happyman, Juju, Seanie, Tacoman and Wes discussing EA’s greed, Nintendo’s greed, Peter Molyneux’s greed and spanish peninsulae. Plus, Happyman reads a smexy Ocarina of Time fanfiction.

Tell me what you think of the slightly different format, and remember to send your questions to!

Episode 6 – Gift Midget


This episode features Catsman, Dodds, Happyman, Hexler, Juju, Tzar, Seanie and Wes deliberating over Ron Paul Adventures, dishwasher Pokemon, Draw Something, stupid Starfox rumours, and robot sidekicks. Plus, Happyman reads a steamy Final Fantasy X fanfic.

This episode was edited by Tacoman (I only did the mastering). You can tell, because the editing isn’t half-arsed. Thanks, Taco!

Gentlemen Discussing E3 2012


This episode features Catsman, Dodds, Happyman, Hazmat, Hoffyman, Juju, Tacoman, Wanwan and Zmansjams, deliberating over Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo’s E3 press conferences. And Gabe Newell. Plus, Happyman reads a Kirby x Metaknight fanfic.

Episode 5 – The Bull Pit


This episode features Catsman, Seanie, Tacoman, Zmans, Juju, and Reinforcements deliberating over twitter meltdowns, sloppy PC seconds, Apple censorship, Pete Molyneux, and Sony Smash Bros. Plus, Happyman reads a Garrus x Wheatley fanfic.

Miyamoto declares love for Angry Birds
OMGPOP CEO sounds like a bitch
Gearbox doesn’t care about PCs\black people, lies about it
Apple removes iOS game from App Store for bullshit reason
Pete Molyneux talks Microsoft, Lionhead and changing world
Sony Smash Bros announced – it has a real name, but that’s what it’s called, let’s face it
Nexon offers to buy EA
3DS\WiiU support for next Smash Bros game

Episode 4 – Favourite Bone


This easter special episode features Catsman, Happyman, Tacoman, Seanie, and Doddski, chatting about Keiji Inafune, Sega’s fall from grace, video game violence, gun girls, and Bioware cupcakes. Plus, Happyman reads a fanfiction entitled ‘Stalin’s Monopoly on Love’.

Citations and links:
Inafune says the japanese game industry has lost its tenacity
Sega hit by 7.1 billion-en loss
UK teachers blame video games for collapse of civilized society
EA voted worst company in the US
IGN baselessly speculates as to PS4 specs
Bioware announces director’s cut ending
Notch announces new space sim
Jason Russel’s wife blames husband’s naked meltdown on haters
Loaded words banned from tests in New York City schools
Activision registers
WayForward working on Adventure Time game
Bioware ruins ending, receives cupcakes
Call of Duty cited as possible factor in fatal shooting
Final Fantasy teams up with fashion line

RIP men’s fashion
Inafune Sword and Beam

Episode 3 – Fruit Economy


This episode features Catsman, Happyman, Tacoman, Seanie, Zmans, Juju, Xevrex, Tzar and Juju chatting about Mass Effect 3, Blizzard’s fall from grace, Brick and mortar game stores, Pete Molyneux, Friggin Kinect and poo throwing. Plus, Happyman reads a Left 4 Dead Fanfiction. An erotic Left 4 Dead Fanfiction.

I broke my ‘future episodes will be shorter’ promise. It’s 11PM on monday, and I only just finished editing. Would you guys prefer if I chopped these in half and released them as one-hour segments instead?

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