Like a book club, but with video games.

GWA Over the Limit Match Card

  1. Fiendishkitty (c) vs. Kristen vs. Laserkittymewmew – GLAdies Championship Ladder Match
  2. The Cat & Dodd Connection and Mooglepies vs. HazWee and Raddyman – Six Man Tag Team Match
  3. Forrestdumps vs. Seanie – Singles Match
  4. Hoffymann & Animitch vs. Hexler & MD – Tag Team Match
  5. Mashakosha (c) vs. Boigahs – After Dark Championship Match
  6. Rusty vs. Kingofjibs (c) – Jabroni Championship 10-minute Ironman Match
  7. Waifu Warriors (c) vs. Corporate Union – Co-op Championship Match
  8. Tacoman vs. Dom (c) – GWA Championship Match

Post your predicted winners in the comments. Correctly guessed non-title matches are worth 2 points, title matches are worth 3 and the GWA title match is worth 5. See you Sunday, bubba. /Happyman

Public Service Announcement

According to twitch tv’s new rules, under no circumstances are you allowed to post, or discuss, the following emoticon:

fur give and fur get fur give and fur get fur give and fur get horrible

Or the circumstances by which it became a twitch emoticon. Doing so is punishable by a visit from the internet police.

Love, Cats

PS: Fur give and fur get, that’s what I say.

Episode 30 – Moose Money


The Gentlemen discuss Ken Levine’s morals, bad Kickstarters, Dodds stories, Pokemon, asymmetrical horror games and anime girl slapping simulators.

5:24 – Comments and game book club
19:29 – The news
48:43 – Next book club game – Maldita Castilla!
51:45 – What have you been playing?
1:14:05 – Kickstarter Watch
1:32:41 – Top Vidya Picks
1:40:54 – Podcast increases in entropy

Podcast hosting dates and times

EDIT: I will be attempting a recording at 3PM in the afternoon GMT (the usual time) on the first of november, twenty thirteen. If we don’t get enough people showing up, I will be pushing it back to the weekend.

For millions of years, the recording time for the podcast has been Sundays, between normally afternoon in GMT. However, I now have work obligations that basically mean I’m not available late on Sundays. As I’m in host’s chair this coming episode (really more of a stool, but whatever) I would like to propose moving the podcast time. Potentially, it’d go from Sunday afternoon to Sunday morning, which would make it late night in the US. Alternatively, I could punch it into the same slot on either Wednesday or Thursday.

Let me know which time is best for you in the comments. I’m planning on recording either this sunday morning, or next week. At some point, it’d be nice to see the return of fan favourites such as Juju, Dodds and Tacoman, and many more, so please tell me straight away if you have any particular time preference.

Love, Cats

Episode 29 – Rage in the Cage


Kept you waiting, huh? Gentlemen Discussing Vidya is back from its hiatus with discussion of Frog Fractions, some hot new Kickstarters, Cat Bowser, Nicalis, John Carmack, tiny barbarians, and James Pond (fuck that game). Featuring Zmans as guest host.

– Intro [00:01:50]
– Comments Section [00:03:00]
– News [00:32:33]
– Game Book Club [01:06:08]
– What have you been playing? [01:16:26]
– Top vidya picks [01:59:05]
– Kickstarter Watch [02:10:54]
– Catsman’s Conundrum [02:29:10]
– Outro [02:39:38]

New twitch faces

Download the FrankerFaceZ browser addon to see them. The plugin is a chrome addon\firefox userscript, if you get the userscript addon you might have to give it permission to run on

Here’s a complete list:


Keep sending me your requests!

GWA Prediction Game: Round 2, Hell in a Cell

What up, how you living.  This sunday, some of GWA’s greats will clash inside a massive steel structure. Last time I let you try to predict match outcomes, and it looks like that’s going to become a regular thing. You try to predict the outcomes of matches, and get points based on how many you get right. Simple stuff. The match card with questions is below, post your picks in the comments.

Pre-show: SquirrelLazer vs. RudeBootie

Winner? [1p]

Method of fall? (pin, submission or count-out) [1p}

Pre-show: The Cat & Dodd Connection vs. Blood Brothers

Winner? [1p]

Method of fall? [1p]

Which winning member picks up the win? [1p]

Which losing member takes the fall? [1p]

AD Championship: Seanie vs. Mashakosha inside Hell in a Cell

Winner? [3p]

Method of fall? [1p]

GLAdies Championship – Kristen (c) vs. Fiendishkitty

Winner? [2p]

Method of fall? [1p]

Co-op Championship: Corporate Union (c) vs. Waifu Warriors inside Hell in a Cell

Winners? [2p]

Method of fall? [1p]

Which winning member picks up the win? [1p]

Which losing member takes the fall? [1p]

Grudge Match – Hoffymann vs. Hexler, No Disqualifications

Winner? [3p]

Method of fall? [1p]

Will MD interfere? [1p]

Jabroni Championship Triple Threat – Rustyheadphones vs. Dragaroth vs. Kingofjibs (c)

Loser, and Jabroni Champion? [2p]

Winner of match? [2p]

Method of fall? [1p]

Grudge Match – Tacoman vs. Manyfist inside Hell in a Cell

Winner? [3p]

Method of fall? [1p]

GWA Championship – Debrel (c) vs. Shadow Dom inside Hell in a Cell

Winner? [5p]

Method of fall? [2p]

Will the Blood Brothers interfere? [2p]

Bonus Question:

Name up to 3 wrestlers who will show up despite not being booked for any matches. [2P for each correct answer]

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