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GLA Minecraft server launches today



In the evening sometime (GMT, that is – if you’re in Amerikaa that’ll probably be late morning to early afternoon). We’re going to be running the RPG immersion pack from Feed the Beast, whose main constituent is DivineRPG. The aim of this mod is to keep the vanilla Minecraft experience intact, but it adds a series of alternate dimensions that slowly increase in difficulty, with tiered drops and resources for those who want a meatier game experience.

If you want to play, then go to the feed the beast website and download the launcher for yourself (then select ‘RPG immersion’ as the mod pack you want to launch). You might also want to take a look at the wiki page to get a good look at what’s in stock. Note: the server will be pirate-friendly but I have no idea how you’d make FTB work on your pirate copy of Minecraft.

See you all tomorrow for autism and technical difficulties!

Love, Cats

GWA Prediction Game Results

Thanks for watchin the season finale. The prediction game leaderboards are:

Laserkittymewmew: 17

Everdark: 16

Boigahs: 14

Mix Master Mao: 13

LunaticFortune: 13

Animitch: 12

Masha: 12

Ramal: 10

el jefe’s not the boss of anything now

GWA Prediction Game: Round 1, GentleMania

What up, how you living. GWA’s season 1 finale, GentleMania, is airing this Sunday and I thought I’d run a prediction game. You try to predict the outcomes of matches, and get points based on how many you get right. Simple stuff. The match card with questions is below, post your picks in the comments.

Pre-show: Daubi vs. Pyroco

Winner? [1p]

Method of fall? (pin, submission or count-out) [1p}

Pre-show: Doddski vs. Hazmatbrigade

Winner? [1p]

Method of fall? [1p]

AD Championship: Seanie vs. Mashakosha

Winner? [3p]

Method of fall? [1p]

Does Shadow Dom interfere? [1p]

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Catsman, WesWee, Murdoc, MD, Rustyheadphones, and SquirrelLazer

Winner? [5p]

Does he cash in before the end of the show? [2p]

Co-op Championship: Tzardom vs. Labor Union

Winners? [2p]

Method of fall? [1p]

Which winning member picks up the win? [1p]

Which losing member takes the fall? [1p]

Does Shadow Dom interfere? [1p]

Jabroni Championship: Jambalayabob vs. Kingofjibs

Winner? [2p]

Method of fall? [1p]

Six Man Tag: Forrest, Jillbore and ??? vs. The Blood Brothers

Winners? [3p]

Method of fall? [1p]

Which winning member picks up the win? [1p]

Which losing member takes the fall? [1p]

Does Shadow Dom interfere? [1p]

GLAdies Championship: Kristen vs. Fiendishkitty

Winner? [2p]

Method of fall? [1p]

Steel Cage Match: Mix Master Mao vs. LordRamal

Winner? [3p]

GWA Championship: Angry Scotsman vs. Debrel

Winner? [5p]

Method of fall? [2p]

Does Shadow Dom interfere? [2p]

Bonus Questions:

If any, how many teams will disband due to the show’s events? [1p]

Will Happyman make an impromptu tag team match? [1p]

Will the “BOING” in Waluigi Pinball sync up with the action? [1p]

Who was the driver? [4p]

New GLA minecraft server

Hey mi amigos. We have a new GLA Minecraft server in the planning however that is only if there are actually people interested in one.

I would kindly ask people to comment and let us know if you are interested in a minecraft server and hopefully atleast semi regularily playing in it.



Episode 26 – Gentlemen Discussing Vidya


A spectacular reboot special – the gentlemen discuss next generation woes, EVO, the Steam summer sale, Phil Fish, Super Mario Land 2, and hole diggin’. Plus, Happyman recieves a Deadly Premonition… fanfiction.

  • 3:56 – Opening
  • 5:41 – News
    1. References to borrowing\lending games found in steam data
    2. EA prices themselves out of the market
    3. Mark Cenry says PS4 will invigorate the indie scene
    4. Microsoft: shame on us for Xbone messaging
    5. Deus Ex: The Fall – you can’t fire on jailbroken devices
    6. EVO
    7. Earthbound on Virtual Console
    8. Steam summer sale discussion
    9. Game freak teases new game, turns out to be horse solitaire
    10. Phil Fish cancells Fez 2, smells own farts
  • 1:28:27 – Catsman’s Conundrum: worst game mechanic\feature?
  • 1:42:22 – The Top Vidya Picks
  • 1:51:54 – Book Club: Mario Land 2
  • 2:24:28 – What have you been playing?
  • 2:36:34 – Comments and any other business
  • 2:54:48 – Fanfiction (a possibly lethal hunch)

Podcast ep 26 delayed significantly

Basically, I told Adobe Audition to save the file and it just… didn’t. It only saved the first 48 minutes of a 3 hour edit. I’d estimate I’ve lost at least 6 hours of work, if not more, and I have to go to Leeds tomorrow so I don’t have time to re-edit it. I had the entire thing edited and was onto the mastering stage.

I’d like to apologize for the inconvenience, and also take this time to curse Adobe for making such fucking shit software.

Love, Cats

Podcast reboot records this Sunday (the 28th)

July 28th, 3PM BST\10AM EDT\7AM PDT\4PM eurotime. This is what Wolfram says, but these times might be off by an hour or two due to daylight savings. Make sure to double-check what the time is in your local time, and if you give me corrections I will alter that.

Starting with this podcast, I will be limiting the maximum number of participants in podcasts to 7 people. I feel like the quality of the podcasts has suffered simply because there are too many people trying to talk at once, and often the quieter of us get drowned out or interrupted and don’t get a chance to speak. If more than 7 people join then I’ll see if we can work out amongst ourselves who has the best chemistry, and potentially kick some people off. Sorry in advance for this but it’s my hope that it will make for a better podcast.

Love, Cats

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