Like a book club, but with video games.

Status: Max Hyperdrive and Lawyer Guy

Hi Hello. I’ve been dragging my heels on Max Hyperdrive for a while now, mostly because the actual ‘gameshow’ segment is going to need a ground-up rewrite. Part of what I want to focus on is less in the way of ‘elaborate’ (I use that word very loosely) boards and minigames, and more focus on questions, audience participation and direct competition between players. I totally burned out after Snow Show and will probably not be working more on Max Hyperdrive in the immediate future, although I will return to it. I have a bunch of stuff ‘drawn’, a bunch of ‘game’ ‘designed’ and a bunch of scripts ‘written’ so it’d be a waste if I didn’t. Sorry about the delay. Making shit things is hard work.

I HAVE been working on Lawyer Guy. In fact it’s been taking a large chunk of my time recently, and moving faster than it ever was. Are you people interested in seeing more Lawyer Guy related content here? I was thinking of doing videos covering dev\design stuff and more streams as well. I was also considering separating out the Lawyer Guy challenges from Max Hyperdrive and having them as their own separate thing (mostly because I really need playtesters…)

Would that appeal? Give me your thoughts in the comments. Limmerick form preferred.

Love, Cats

Stream keys resent, Twitch lost them again

If you’ve gotten a new key, that is why. You should use it!

If you need a key and haven’t gotten one, shoot an email to, or come to my house and bang on my windows. I am in from around 6PM until 8:30AM every day. I sleep on weekends and you cannot wake me.

I curse with my last breath. I think I am having a stroke. Either that or somebody is burning portugese-style peri-peri sauce outside.

Much love,



Book Club Game Film on Friday Evenink; Podcast at 3PM on Saturday the 27th

Don’t think about that one too much. Happyman wants it to be Phoenix Wright, and I would not object. If you intend to come on the podcast on saturday, you should watch as well. I don’t have a time for the film, but I do have a time for the podcast: 7AM West Coast / 11AM East Coast / 3PM UK / 4PM Central Europe.

If you have more suggestions for films, post them here so that someone can download them.

I will not download Aladdin 3.

Love, Cats

Episode 48 – Bullshit Knowledge

Listen on YouTube

Download for later

The gentlemen discuss Mitch’s waifu, Saudi Arabia’s banned games, Doug Bowser, stolen amiibos, Steam refunds, THE GAME NANNY, and how video games ruined our lives. Plus: more Harry Potter Becomes a Communist!

1:38 – Opening\comments
46:26 – News and Lies
1:42:05 – Vidya Top Picks
1:49:00 – Kickstarter Watch: THE GAME NANNY
1:56:17 – Fanfiction: Harry Potter Becomes a Communist


This episode was edited by Happyman, and I take the fact that he cut the intro music short and didn’t repeat it at the end as a personal slight against my compositional style.

If you want to make your voice heard on the show, send a Vocaroo or equivalent voice message to Please bear in mind that we recorded this episode before the previous one was out, so we will not be able to answer your comments until the next episode.

Announcing: half-assed e3 coverage from the GLA

CFTgluoUEAAB23g.png large

Ah piss, it’s E3 again. Rats, I thought I was going to get off scott-free this time.

Here are the times. It’s the usual setup, I’ll switch the channel over to GLAAD and re-streaming them, this time I have a good internet connection too.

I will not be able to re-stream the PC Gaming, Bethesda or Sony events, someone else will have to do those. The timing might also be a bit dicey on the Nintendo event, even if I leave work early. It’s GLAAD, so remember, you’re stuck with Procaster, unless you can work some kind of magic, and get Livestream to accept Xsplit or OBS.

As per usual, there will be mumbleful discussion of events. I’m not sure whether this will be in GLA or GYP’s mumble, or whether GYP will be there, or whether GYP exists. I’ll work it out at some point. Some people want to be able to commentate MST3K style (talking during the conferences). I’m not 100% on this, so I made a poll. Please answer it.

Love, Cats

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