Like a book club, but with video games.

Podcast 58 will record on Saturday the 3rd of September (plus: screenplay?)

Probably at around 4PM British Summertime (GMT+1 – click the link to see it in your local time). On our mumble server, as usual. Note it down in your calendars!

Additionally, the screenplay idea I mentioned at the end of last podcast (Hell Bent, the one about criminals breaking into the afterlife in order to steal Amborsia from God) is now an 89-minute screenplay. Anybody want to be script editor? It could use another pair of eyes. I have to warn you that it’d probably just be for fun, as the chances of a spec script getting made into an actual movie (even a low-budget one) are astronomically low.

Give me a buzz ( if you’re interested, or leave a comment below.

Love, Cats

Episode 57 – I Have No Life And I Know Nothing

Listen on YouTube

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New segments about old stuff. Old segments about new stuff. VR. Modding. Birds. Dragon Quest. Chandler from Friends.

  • 2:06 – Intro & comments
  • 10:20 – Catsman’s Conundrum: Favorite mod?
  • 23:25 – Family Feud: Catsman, Rusty & Moogle vs. Shiny, Specs & Sabercry
  • 42:06 – Gaming 30 Years Ago: Summer 1986
  • 54:50 – Happyman’s Skeleton of the Month: The Y-17 Trauma Override Harness
  • 56:23 – News
  • 1:34:56 – Specs’s Connections
  • 1:46:20 – Rusty talking about VR
  • 1:52:03 – Outro


Podcast recording will be mid-week, UK evening (~7PM BST)

EDIT: tuesday is most probable day.

I will take a survey tomorrow evening, and the actual podcast will probably lie on tuesday or wednesday. If we can’t schedule it then it will be the following week instead. I don’t think this is a great timeslot but I feel like we’re overdue for one and the next few weekends will be tricky.

Timezone converter for those interested

If anyone is wondering about the break in schedule; I’ve been real busy, then without the internet for a while, and will be busy again. By the end of the summer I’ll be operating on a more normal schedule and will be able to scheduke and edit podcasts with some regularity.

Love, Cats

Episode 56 – Dingleberry Radish

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Catsman plays nostradamus, the gents discuss E3, and a special reading from the Minecraft Joke Book. Plus: Happyman resorts to physical violence.

Hey look at this:

Approximate drunkenness levels:

  • Happyman: two litres of white russian
  • Catsman: ~8 pints of beer
  • Doddski: similar
  • Moogle: a sensible amount
  • Michael Jackson: none, he’s just like that

Again, apologies for the schedule break. Once my life settles down a bit we will be able to put these out more regularly.

E3 coverage this year

As you all know, E3 has been pretty dull for the last few years. I have no explicit plans to do rebroadcasting myself, but if you’d like to, E3 (and twitch) have very kindly said that it’s perfectly OK to re-stream E3 broadcasts on Twitch.

Also: a reminder that our new (actually good) mumble server can be found at: Address:, Port: 50904, Password: 3ymeva9u

I have attached a schedule below.


I may ask to devote a small amount on our presumed forthcoming live podcast in Leeds, The City of a Trillion Tears, to talk about the highlights and lowlights, but will probably not do it conference-by-conference as we have in previous years (unless it turns out to be a really meaty E3).

Love, Cats

New details for 2016 meetup sent out

Including my address and stuff. Please check your email and read it!

The newest podcast is finally in editing but it’s a beast. Sorry for the break in schedule but my I like to think of myself as a real adult with responsibilities to skirt.

Love, Cats

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