Like a book club, but with video games.

Episode 44 – GLA vs GYP


The fight of the year! GLA vs GYP in an all-out war! It’s finally here! Plus, 2014 thoughts, news, dolphins and rolling.

3:17 – Voicemails and comments
17:55 – GYP vs GYP family feud
38:48 – News and bickering
1:39:55 – And now we will roll for you
1:43:27 – Book Club (1080) – next game is LISA
1:47:54 – 2014, 2015, whatever, shit
2:04:41 – Chris-chan retrospective
2:19:12 – Fanfiction

GDV\GYP theme remix by Mike Talley. Edited by Mix Master Mao and Catsman.

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Max Hyperdrive: Conditions for entry

As the first season of Max Hyperdrive will prooobably be out by the end of this year, I thought I’d let everybody know what’s required of them if they want to appear on the show.

The format has changed drastically (for the better) but it has also added a certain amount of complexity.

  • To appear as a contestant in the first season, you must be able to stream on the GLA channel. Remember, streamer applications are always open. I’d rather people didn’t apply solely to appear on MOE, but I probably won’t make any such rule. This is because the Final Showdown now constitutes a downloadable challenge which the contestant must play live on stream.
  • This also means that (although it’s not 100% essential), it would be ideal for the contestants to be able to do group streams via google hangouts. Luckily, me and moogle (and by that, I mean moogle and moogle) have worked out a technique that is easy to set up and doesn’t have any issues with the quality of stream for the viewers, participants or streamer. The only caveat is that it requires two streaming programs to be open at once, as well as a copy of virtual audio cable. At some point I will make a quick howto post on this blog.
  • I will be bringing back the mental\puzzle type final showdowns as well (which everyone will be able to participate in) but not right now. It’s too much overhead and would delay the programme even more.
  • You will have the option of drawing your own character as well as using a premade one. Not only are drawing skills not required, they are actively discouraged. If your performance as a guest is entertaining, I might work out a way to incorporate you into the show as a recurring character. Not sure how that’s all going to work though, I haven’t actually animated anything yet.

Now, I have some opening sequence editing to do. CATCH YOU ON THE FLIPSIDE

Love, Cats

Podcast pickup recording on Saturday the 10th

As you know, we recorded our crossover spectacular at the weekend, but we didn’t really get enough usable material to make an episode. I will be putting on a pickup recording this weekend. Topics are comments, year’s reflections, fanfiction, conundrum, and anything else that is rememberable. It will take place at 3PM GMT on Saturday probably.

Love, Cats

PS: I had two literally massive and bizarre bugs that held up Max Hypderdrive development for a while. Both fixed now. Sorry this is taking so long (if I’d known it was going to take this long, I’d probably have made something else…!)

Wings of Vi late Christmas GLA only give away!

ZMans going to gift someone Wings of Vi as late christmas its a raffle daffle though! To enter just post below and then umm I will raffldize stuffs and someone will win! Imma try and do the thingy to end it on Sunday! So everyone be here because Sundays a big stream day for the GLA and I like you guys. :3c I’m gonna go see the new hobbit movie tomorrow I hope its really good, my friend was supposed to pick up tickets on Monday (we even talked about it Sunday night) and he forgot XDDDD. Thanks for the so many fun funs GLA family. Maybe one day if I am rich rich I can do a big GLA raffle, with tons of games. Also thank you very many CATSMAN for always being there for the site I am have been here so many longs and love being an employee of the GLA :3c. I hope I can do goodly this coming year. Also SHINY don’t eat chips while you still have holes in your gums after getting your teeth removed I just bit into one and it broke in a way it stabbed into the hole it was awkward all around XDDD. LAMES thanks for streaming special for me n_n! Oh! and I hope to have betterly internets by february if not the end of february, so maybe I can stream too! Gonna be busy body busy! I love the GLA. <3





Hello everyone. GWA isn’t returning full time just yet but I will be doing a special New Year’s show tomorrow on the 28th. The show will feature:

– GWA Champion Tacoman vs. After Dark Champion SquirrelLazer in a special “Clash of the Champions” matchup

– Hoffymann vs. Narc for the Hardcore title in a GentleMania rematch

– An 8-team single elimination tournament for the Tag Team Titles

14.00 Eastern US / 19.00 UK / 20.00 Central Europe

Episode 43 – Barely Tolerable


The gentlemen discuss game fights, catsman’s head, blood sports, mao’s birthday, ethnic video games, GPUs, kickstarter disapppointments, another world, and hogardens.

2:44 – Comments
15:20 – Famiry Feud
30:28 – The News
58:43 – Book Club – Another World
1:06:00 – Catsman’s Conundrum
1:16:40 – Titles
1:26:02 – Fanfiction
1:29:59 – Catsman’s head injury

Edited by Animitch and Mix Master Mao.

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