Like a book club, but with video games.

New podcast recording time: 8PM GMT, Sunday!

That’s 3PM if you’re east coast US, 12 noon if you’re on the west coast, and 9-10 in europe (I think most of our Europeans are in GMT+1 territory though). And it records this Sunday, Sunday Sunday. Don’t want to come? Too bad. I’ll message you on steam and make you feel guilty until you do.

In other news: It’s mid-october, which means it’s practically christmas! I have abominable amounts of work to do but get on the GLA whenever I have time. I also have some stuff planned for later this year. Sorry if that’s too technical an explanation for you.

Anyone wanna come to leeds yet? I have food. My room is opposite from the flat next door’s kitchen, so they throw pasta at me through my window. Joke’s on them. I’m collecting it, and one day I’m going to cook it.

Love, Cats

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