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ZMans Diary 3

Dear Diary,

Gee I sure have been gone for a long time diary and boy do I have lots to share! So my mommy came into town for Christmas and so did my uncle! Me and mommy went Christmas gift shopping this year! I bought beads and painting stuff XD! I used these to make two of my friends gifts which I just know they will love because that’s what they were made with! My Christmas was awesome!! I got ummm a hippo!!!!!! It even snowed on Christmas which is the best! When I was little I thought some magical force made it snow on Christmas no matter what boy can you guess my surprise the first time it didn’t haha. I played in the snow though! My dog and cat didn’t want to play with me but I played in the snow haha. There was even this one part where the snow had built up along the side of a house and I did a whole front flippity into it!!!!! I know crazzzzzzzzy! :P I sure have been busy lately and things don’t look like they will slow down but it’s all the good kinds of busy I promise! I miss my family at the GLA and I’m sure they miss me I try to drop by now and again though! After Christmas I got sick :c. Really sick. I’ve never been so sick in my life sick. I had all sorts of crazy symptoms for four whole days! I had great company though as my friend was nice enough to text me the whole entire time! (I know I know I’m usually not much of a texter but I was bed ridden haha) It ment so much to me! Then I got better :D! After all that I’ve just been running around doing busy body people stoof! Also if your curious I still haven’t finished making Christmas gifts and I have to send some of them haha and I see them and I get all excited and want to just mail them right them but I have to be patient hehehe fortunately my buddies are understanding and patient (they also have some to send maybe one for me!!!). Late Christmas might just be better then real Christmas or at least just as good!!!!! Fortunately I’ve finished the Spheal I mentioned last time and it looks dandy doo alright! Although I melted the beads a bit to much in some places because I was scared they wouldn’t melt enough hahahaha woopsies still looks good though (smells bad though hehehehe) and then I finger painted my friend a pineapple I owe her! She’s going to be so surprised! Dats all for now diary so sorry for the long break thanks for waiting. <3      (the gifts I made if anyone’s curious hehe my hand is for size reference hahaha)

Love lots,



(P.S. Dragaroth this diary entry is dedicated to you! :3)


bejeezus, I love you zmans. You might as well be avatar-in for the god of happy

On January 18, 2013 at 4:03 am



On January 20, 2013 at 10:18 pm


is the spheal for Spheanie?
just wondering.

On January 25, 2013 at 3:45 am