Like a book club, but with video games.

Episode 52 – Sonofabitch Stew

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I have seen the world of Jack Thompson. It’s nothing but golf sticks and golf balls and golf lawns for miles and miles and miles. Somewhere amongst the sprinklers and golf scooters, a teenage boy is crying. He is crying because his father is Jack Thompson. And he is crying because Harry Potter had a fight with his brother and turned into Grand Theft Auto.

01:30 – Intro and voicemails
20:16 – Family Feud: Catsman & Evilagram vs. Moogle & Everdark
34:04 – News, now with NO added lies!
54:46 – Catsman’s Conundrum
1:10:18 – Gamechangers movie discussion
1:22:22 – Kickstarter Watch
1:34:18 – Outro


Well done on the connections guys. Proud of you all. Let me know if you want another one for next podcast and whether you want it any harder (or faster).

You ever hear about those urinals that you play videogames on by peeing in the direction you want to go?

If we’re talking video game ideas as part of the conundrum, I’d like to see a fighting rhythm game where the buttons correspond to percussion, melody and bass rather than heavy, medium and light attacks. If you hit to the notes corresponding to the button you’re using then your attacks will put your opponent in more hit-stun, allowing for you to continue the combo more easily if you’re on beat.

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