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Podcast time moved

Hi all. Quick little update: firstly, the podcast recording time has been moved to 3PM gmt (that’s back from 5:30, so 2.5 hours earlier). I asked Happyman about it and he didn’t say anything so I assume it’s fine.

Second: site glitches. As you might have heard, we recently hit the limit for stream keys. This isn’t a huge problem, as there are a lot of stream keys that aren’t currently used, but it does mean I’m having to have a clearout of stream keys. If I mistakenly remove one that you still want to use, then all you have to do is email and I’ll send you a new one (and most likely apologize for the inconvenience).

Additionally, the site has recently stopped sending out emails. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT CAUSED THIS I DIDN’T TOUCH ANYTHING I SWEAR. A bunch of accounts got made and the system didn’t send out randomly generated passwords, so I told users to reset their passwords, and then it didn’t send a password reset email either. I’ve been fumbling around trying to fix it, but I’m on the verge of just doing all the password stuff manually. This would be a pain but I really have no idea what the issue is. If your app is in limbo because of all this then I must apologize. I’ve also been rushed off my feet with the E3 as of late.

Did you know that the GLA has a twitter account? Look, we tweet things with it. I have no interest in twitter personally, but if you do, then shoot me an email ( and I’ll hook you up to it, and you can tweet away videogame things to your heart’s content. Preferably get into a few fights with internet celebrities.

Love, Cats

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