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Pac-Guy, the Weird 90s Pac-Man Knockoff with a Human Face

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The rise and fall of Pac-Guy. The adventure down the world’s deepest hole. The death of internet culture.

My music:,
My game:,
M. Richard Talley’s music:

Video sources:

  • Klik-n-play footage: taken from official in-game instructional video. By clickteam.
  • 3D maze man: taken by Chairtastic. Game by Webfoot.
  • Garfield footage: taken from a fruit snack commercial, uploaded by Clinton Lynch. Garfield is property of our loving God Jim Davis.
  • Pac-man footage uploaded by Old Classic Retro Gaming. Pacman is owned by Namco.
  • Hungry Horace footage by DerSchmu. Game by Beam Software.
  • Morecambe and Wise footage uploaded by billy bullshit. ‘The breakfast sketch’, owned by the BBC.
  • Hole footage by M3ADE, eyerate, papa meatball, longfellow01
  • Jaws footage uploaded by Movieclips. From the movie called ‘Jaws’ about a shark without a cause, owned by Universal.
  • Footage from ‘Open All Hours’ uploaded by ‘Bygone Television Classics’, owned by the BBC.
  • Footage from ‘Skippy and the Intruders’ uploaded by Umbrella Entertainment, owned by Regent Films.
  • Footage from ‘The Two Ronnies’, four candles sketch, uploaded by James Clark, owned by the BBC.
  • Dad Destroys Video Game with Hammer (yes, actual title) by Jonathan Polan.
  • The Jordan Peterson footage was from a compilation video which I can’t source which appears to be deleted. If you want to check out more of the esteemed Dr. Peterson’s work, just Bing ‘squeaky psychologist man who helps rationalize my hatred of women’.
  • ‘Death of Culture’ footage by fascist sympathizer and internet hotshot Pewdiepie.
  • Video MVP: Abandoned 90s Era House (everything left behind) by Urbex and Chill.
  • Waltons footage uploaded by ‎Alunarllama, by Warner Bros.
  • X-files footage uploaded by GT5zire, by Fox.
  • That weird game with the guy in the barrel is Nonsense Madness by Cinnamon Interactive, video by The Rarest Gamer.
  • The 2d platformer game with the apes is ‘Monkey Brains’ by Yobro productions, uploaded by RbdJellyfish.
  • The top-down game with the bald guy is Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese  by Hamumu Software, video by Forgotten Games.
  • The snake game is Axysnake by Axysoft, video is by Architecture Cow.
  • The Pac-Guy reviewers are ThuN00b, metaltigerbull and haytham spiegel, and I wish no bad vibes upon the first two.
  • Ultima 8 intro footage from, uh, Ultima 8 by Origin Systems, uploaded by ‎Jeff Morris.
  • Super Mario Bros 2 footage uploaded by Vizzed Gameplay Videos, game by Nintendo.
  • Millenium Dome footage from the video ‘The Closed Millennium Dome Experience’ by Expedition Extinct.
  • Stock footage from Pexels, video ids: 2740, 2833, 2849, 3674, 3686, 4040, 4715, 4725, 3756, 4836, 4859, 1191928, 1197802, 1292738, 1466211, 1536315, 1543758, 1658081, 1860079

Pac-guy himself is a photoshop of a royalty-free image of Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico. He is described as being ‘fiscally conservative but socially liberal’, which basically means gay people can marry each other but only if they reach a marriageable age without starving to death.

The sound effects used in the ‘2007 called’ segment are numbers 28353 and 94639 by petaj and frankedelight, respectively.

Music: a lot of this is from Pac-Guy itself and is unsourced, but here are some bits I recognize:

  • The end music is ‘King of the Wraiths by the very talented M. Richard Talley, from his album ‘Does the World Need Cowboys’, which is pay-what-you-want on bandcamp!
  • The music playing during the Hungry Horace section is a remix of the Hungry Horace background music composed by me, called Ode to Hungry Horace, and you can get it on my SoundCloud page and stuff. It was made with VSTSID by Igor Zinken.
  • The intro music is by Wendy Carlos, from her Switched-on Bach album, BWV1048, one of the Brandenburgs, I think?
  • The piano music in the Pac-Guy 2: Pagoon section is Chopin – Piano Concerto No.2.
  • The other piano music (in the ‘sincerity section) is Gymnopedie No. 1 by Erik Satie.
  • The music during Pac-Guy Atomic Edition is called MELANITR.mid, I do not know where it comes from. Sounds familiar though, huh?
  • The music during the initial pac-guy section comes from Clickteam, it’s one of the default MIDI files that came with Klik n Play, The Games Factory and Multimedia Fusion.
  • The obnoxious muzac during the adverts is from a video called ‘Royalty-Free Stock Music Tracks for Fashion Vloggers’ by AudioJungle.
  • The music playing during the interview with Garth is, well, it’s BWV244, the Saint Matthew Passion, an out-of-copyright recording of a performance by Gunther Ramin in 1941.
  • The second music that plays during the discussion of Pac-Guy’s gameplay appears in Pac-Guy, but it’s from Chip’s Challenge originally.
  • The music that plays during the section about the creation of Pac-guy is simply called MUSIC.MID, that’s all I know about it.
  • The music that plays while I’m ask jeevesing richard kiel is called ‘THEME.MID’.
  • The music during the section about hand  modelling is called music_4.mid and it is from a game called SkyMaze by AxySoft.
  • The music during the first section about Pacula’s curse is from a game called VR-1 air attack, called SCORES.MID.
  • The snazzy music that plays during the section on Pea-Guy 3 is called Snazzy.mid and comes with The Games Factory/Multimedia Fusion by Clickteam.

All midi content was rendered with whatever samples the Sound Blaster AWE32 uses.

The image of a Wal-Mart is by Ben Schumin.

The content not listed here (graphics, animations, text, voiceover etc) was made by me and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

Pac-Guy was created by Brian Quarforth, Garth Thompson, Jerry Belich and Chad Wagner, and other people who I’m forgetting, I’m sure.

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