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Episode 72 – Tickle Me Hitler

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People who talked during this podcast: Catsman, Mooglepies, Rustyheadphones, Specs, Woolyshambler (AKA Happyman) and ShinyMissingno.

In this episode, the Gentlemen discuss topics such as: Detective Pikachu (in a fairly spoiler free manner), Wario Land 4, Baba Is You, Playstation Commercials, satellite marketing and recent dreams that the podcasters have had.


  • 00:00:00 Pre-nonsense
  • 00:01:45 Nonsense
  • 00:07:03 Intro
  • 00:07:42 Detective Pikachu
  • 00:19:12 Book Club Game discussion: Wario Land 4
  • 00:38:16 Censorship talk
  • 00:46:30 Baba Is You
  • 00:52:28 Mario Maker
  • 00:53:45 Ads in the night sky
  • 00:56:44 Comments
  • 00:59:34 Sony advertising retrospective
  • 01:05:59 Talk about cloud based gaming
  • 01:09:18 Outro
  • 01:10:52 Dream talk and blindness

Some fun links and images:

Pepsi satellite advertising

Blind video game (Shades of Doom)


You can see more of these terrible adverts just by googling “Weird playstation adverts”.


The stuff at the end of the blogpost:
Our next book club video game will be Quake.
Please feel free to write comments with ideas for discussions, video game book club suggestions and anything else that comes into your mind. I’m actively monitoring comments now so if your comments amuse me, I will mention them on the podcast.

This podcast was edited by: Specs

PS: Woolyshambler (AKA Happyman) has been putting together a series of podcasts about Pokémon, which you can check out at our YouTube channel.
Watch us stream at
Join our Discord at:– the best place to read our dreams and participate in our memes.


PPS. Catsman has a new album out: Never Obsolete

Next video game book club: Quake


We’ll be playing Id Software’s “Quake” as our next video game book club game for the podcast. Here’s a link to me playing it:  Watch on Youtube


I’m currently about 1/3rd through editing the latest podcast. The next one will be a special “live” recording from Japanese Animation Mitchell’s home. We might also do some E3 reaction broadcasts if I can convince everyone that it won’t be garbage.


If you have any indie or classic games that you would like to hear us discuss on the podcast then please leave us some comments. The more free the games are, the more likely we will play them.

Interview with the developers of “Yo! Noid 2: Enter the Void”

You may have already heard the interview as part of episode 71 of the “Gentlemen Discussing Vidya” podcast.
I’ve now turned that interview into a video with footage from the game, as well as the original “Yo! Noid” and a few other bits and bobs.

“Yo! Noid 2: Enter the Void” was developed as part of a community game-jam.
Taking aspects of the lore from Domino’s Pizza commercials featuring “The Noid” as well as the original “Yo! Noid” on the Nintendo Entertainment System, the team behind the game managed to craft something unique and fun to play which has a great sense of humour.

You can download the game and find links to the contributors’ various websites here.
I’d really urge you to go and play it. A single character casual playthrough won’t take much more than 30 minutes and it’s well worth it.

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Episode 71 – Dippy Tenga Egg

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This episode: the natural oils of a horse, an interview with the developers of Yo! Noid 2: Enter the Void, chode ray tubes, a lego person giving birth, and Daddy Bowser. Plus: remember Tay Zonday? He’s dead now. Feel old?

  • 3:20 – Warmup
  • 13:02 – The video game book club: Yo! Noid 2
  • 30:52 – Interview with Yo Noid 2’s developers
  • 1:04:50 – The news, but better
  • 1:40:09 – Garfield Eats
  • 1:46:18 – Riddles of the Spink (final episode)
  • 2:12:03 – Entropy

Edited by Catsman. Thanks to the Yo! Noid 2 crew.

Some links for ya:

Next video game book club

We recorded a podcast today! Expect it whenever the editing is done. We discussed “Yo! Noid 2: Enter The Void”.

Our next book club video game will be “Wario Land 4” for the Gameboy Advance. Play along with us if you want to see how our opinions differ from yours. We’ll likely upload the results of some streams to YouTube over the next couple of weeks.

It sounds like we’ll also be discussing “Baba Is You” by Hempuli which can be purchased on PC, Switch and probably other consoles that I don’t own. It’s about £15 and it’s very good. It’s a big brain puzzle game that makes me think harder than any game has done in a long time (possibly ever).

Updates on the podcast

Some of you may be aware that we’re thinking of ways to re-vitalise the podcast. We haven’t been going regularly for a while and we’re trying to get a schedule going to bring it back to about monthly. Catsman has noted that the news section is often a drag (it’s longer and much worse while recording and I axed about half of it during last episode’s edit).

In the interest of reducing the news section to something more fun and manageable while still trying to have some set topics to talk about, we’re going to bring back the Video Game Book Club. We’ll decide a game to play each month and will talk about it on the next podcast. I’m aiming to stream these games (and I encourage others to do so) and I’ll likely upload my playthroughs to our youtube channel so people who can’t/don’t want to play can at least experience the games we talk about in some format.
We’ll be letting you know which games we will be playing in advance so that you can play them too and see if your views align with ours. Feel free to comment with your thoughts on the game announcement posts or in the comments sections of the podcasts we discuss then in.

“Yo Noid! 2: Enter the Void” will be our first book club game of the new season. Here’s an almost download link:
Yo Noid! has a rich history with the GLA. Woolyshambler will defend it to the death and it, as well as The Noid himself, has been discussed multiple times on previous episodes of GDV. It’s an advertising game that released in Japan as “Masked Ninja Hanamaru” but was re-purposed to try to get people to buy more Domino’s Pizza.

I also realise that we haven’t done comments in a while and I keep meaning to go back through the last five or six episodes to grab them.

We’ll maybe be bringing back some other old sections and things may get a bit experimental in terms of format. Please look forward to that. As I often say: “Exspecs the unexspecsted!”
I’ve also decided that multi-track recording session editing is not a sustainable lifestyle choice and I will have to stop.

If you’d like to get involved in the podcast or just generally talk to us, then the best way to contact us these days is to hop in our discord:

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