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Episode 37 – Purification In Progress


The gentlemen answer some voicemails, discuss OFF, reminisce about the Game Boy and play a clutch as hell game of Family Feud. Also a fanfic which Happyman recommends that you skip.

0:00:39 – Intro & Voicemails
0:08:26 – Family Feud – Ramal’s Family vs. Freaky’s Family
0:38:27 – Book Club – OFF by Mortis Ghost
1:07:27 – News
1:35:44 – Catsman’s Conundrum
1:49:07 – Fanfic
1:57:27 – Fanfic Reactions & Outro

The book club game for next time is Ib.

(As of this episode, we no longer respond to the comments on-air. If you want us to answer your comments or questions on air, send a short voicemail to

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We’ve started posting stream highlights on our youtube channel
Mitch is hosting a Street Fighter tournament
Answer our family feud survey for a chance to screw over one of our participants with your inane answer

Moogle calls dibs on streaming Bayonetta 2

So apparently you call dibs to stream a game and stop other people doing it before you by making a blog post about it. Apparently nobody does this, and when they do, everyone ignores it I look forward to being added to that hallowed list of great people.

I have every intention of streaming Bayonetta 2 on release, and if you take this from me I will find you, and I will do horrible things to you. Horrible things, like hiding your keys, or moving your glasses somewhere else when you take a shower. I’ll also work magic on you so that you go into rooms and forget why you went there. It’ll be bad, you don’t want that.

The exception to this is of course if the game is delayed a large amount in Euroland compared with other territories – in which case, fill your boots. And fuck you for getting it early, you dicks.

Gentlemens Lunchtime Association ULTRA tournament

gla tourni

To celebrate the release of Ultra Street Fighter 4 I have organised a tounament featuring the GLA’s top fighters, As they punch, throw and Dive kick their way to be the Stretiest Fighter and win a FREE copy of ULTRA street fighter 4. (for PC)

Applications are open and everyone is welcome. Just register your interest in the commet section below with you steam ID to be entered (no fees – no risk). The dead line for entry is the 4th of May so get registered and start training.

Fighters will then be randomly drawn from a fedora and put into the tournament brackets, rounds will be best 2/3 with only the loser being able to repick characters. If you lose your first match you will then be put in the losers bracket and given a second chance, if you fail that time you will be eliminated. Winner of the winners bracket will be given winners advantage against the winner of the losers bracket.

Hope to see you there.

Ha, ha! We’re using the youtubes

Apparently some people really like this website, so the GLA YouTube channel is going to fall right back into regular use, starting now! I will be uploading one highlight per day, starting from the oldest ones twitch remembers. It’ll probably take me a little while to upload all of them, but this is your call to make highlights of things you thought were funny. I think (?) you need editor status to do that, but I’ll be doling that out to basically whoever wants it, just send me a message on steam or an email.

Now, please join me in that sacred YouTube prayer: remember to like, subscribe and share these videos as much as you can! Really helps me out!

Love, Cats

A Very Long Guide on Streaming At The Proper Aspect Ratio

This has been a huge issue here and I finally got fed up enough to actually help people for once. I’m going to make this simple guide as verbose as possible so that there can be absolutely zero confusion. First, I will define some key words:

Resolution – The big old number of pixels used to represent your potentially moving image. It is represented by two numbers: the number horizontal pixels (how wide your image is) and the number of vertical pixels (how tall your image is). When you multiply these two together, you get the entire number of pixels. You will see resolution represented by WIDTHxHEIGHT. “x” is a symbol for multiplication. Makes sense, right?
Aspect Ratio – The ratio of width to height. It’s what you get when you DIVIDE the width by the height. You may recognize common aspect ratios such as 4:3, 16:9, or 23838488:202020020000000. The “:” is pronounced “to”
Downscaling – When you take a big image and make it small. This will save bandwidth, but still keep your stream looking relatively pretty if the source is high-quality.

Now that we’ve defined these three simple key words, I can begin explaining what they have to do with streaming, and how to set them correctly. On the GLA web-page, the aspect ratio of the stream window thing is 4:3. What’s important about this is that any stream that is 4:3 will fill that window completely. Conversely, anything that is not 4:3, will not fit properly. I recommend trying to stream everything in 4:3 unless you know for a fact that it is not 4:3 and you do know the aspect ratio of the content you are streaming. Many people set their stream resolution to their monitor resolution, which is usually 16:9, even though they’re not streaming their entire monitor. Allow me to explain why you should stream in 4:3 almost always, and then explain how to set your aspect ratio and resolutions properly.

In the world, there are many different ways to handle displays not being the same aspect ratio as the content. The first, and preferable one, is Letterboxing. Letterboxing is when you scale down the content, then put black bars to fill up the void space. Twitch will do this automatically if you are streaming in a non-4:3 aspect ratio. You may have to letterbox manually if you do not know what aspect ratio the content you’re streaming is at. I will teach you how to do this. Some other possible techniques are stretching, and filling. These are WORSE THAN LUCIFER, and PEOPLE DO THEM SOMETIMES. I’m not even going to teach you how to do these on purpose.

Here are the guidelines:
1. The thing you are streaming is in 4:3 – 4:3 is slightly wider than it is tall, but is pretty much a square. Pretty much all retro games are this, including Gamecube and PS2 games (unless you use widescreen hacks on your emulators which I do not recommend). In the event that you are streaming in 4:3, SET YOUR ASPECT RATIO TO 4:3 FOR GOD’S SAKE. Here is a diagram of what happens when you stream a 4:3 game at 16:9.
Improper Aspect Ratio
The black bars shown here represent the automatic letterboxing Twitch does. The blue bars are the extra void space caused because you’re streaming at the wrong aspect ratio. The red rectangle is the content you’re streaming.
Here is what this would looks like in action. (Screenshot stolen from
Poor Kawasechan
Just so it’s clear, here is what we WANT.
Setting your aspect ratio incorrectly will result in wasted space. If you can convince me that wasting space is a good thing, I will fork the GLA code and edit it myself so that the stream window is absolutely tiny and at an aspect ratio of 4:37 and give it to Catsman to implement.

2. The thing you are streaming in is 16:9 – If this is the case, you can go ahead and set your aspect ratio to 16:9! This goes for anything where you honestly do know the aspect ratio of the content, too. Just set your aspect ratio to the same thing. However, I have NEVER streamed a game that wasn’t 4:3 or 16:9 and I actually knew what the aspect ratio was. In this event, it’s best to go with Situation 3.

3. You have no clue what it is – This could be because it’s some Gameboy game or you’re streaming more than one window or something else arbitrary like that. In this case STREAM IN 4:3. I will say it again. IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT ASPECT RATIO TO STREAM AT, STREAM AT 4:3. Streaming at anything else in this situation WILL cause pointless black bars. Don’t do it at 16:9 or anything else if you don’t know what it is.

Now I will tell you how to achieve proper aspect ratiohood. I am assuming you are using OBS; if you are not, you’ll have to translate this guide yourself or just switch over like a sane person. Good luck and godspeed.

1. Open OBS, Click “Settings…”, then click “Video”.
2. Set your Base Resolution to Custom.
3. Type in your resolution. Common 4:3 resolutions include 640*480, 800*600, 960*720, and 1440*1080. Common 16:9 resolutions include 852*480, 1280*720, and 1920*1080.
4. That’s it. Congratulations.

OBS will tell you what the aspect ratio for your resolution is, so you can make sure.
There is also downscaling, which is nice. Sometimes, when capturing something, it’s really big and you can’t stream big things because it won’t fit in your internet tubes. Downscaling allows you to capture at high-resolutions, but stream at lower ones. If your content is too big, instead of trying to size it down yourself, just let OBS handle the downscaling. Example: Your computer was made by NASA and you want to stream Crysis at 1000000000p on Ultra Mega Super Duper High graphics quality, but your internet tube is so tiny it won’t fit. If you want to preserve that quality the best you can, capture it at full size, then downscale. Use Lanczos as your filter if you can. It’s the best and it’s so pretty it makes my eyes melt.

Congratulations! You have now educated yourself on one of the many components of making a high-quality stream! I’m so proud of you. I’m going to give you a hug.

Post Scriptum: To anyone inclined to do the opposite of what I say, you will find that I derive great pleasure from correcting people when they’re streaming poorly. If you think streaming at the wrong aspect ratio will make me upset, you are very wrong. I will relish in correcting your stupidity, and it will make me feel much smarter than you. Don’t bother trying.

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