Like a book club, but with video games.

Episode 67 – Betrothed to Fred at 3 Years Old

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hey guys what it is, it is i catsman content creator from funny video game podcast with memes and references, dont you just hate downloadable content and order 1886? what does the donkey gong do with all those banans wont they all go bad in a few weeks how many banans do you think he has to eat

00:00 Rambling intro
2:45 Actual content starts
4:08 Cucked [sic] by my own vidya
12:02 News begins
-12:02 Ryan Reynolds is detective pikachu
-13:22 Movie announcements – Level it Lawrence, Slender, 5 Nights at Fred’s and Sleeping Dogs, Dook Nookem
18:36 If you could adapt a vidya game into a movie, which would it be and why?
-23:15 Grants for female streamers
-26:44 Discussion about David cage relating to new content from ex heavy rainer and sega
-31:09 Toad’s head is not a hat
-34:11 Valve are making games again?
-38:26 Runescape classic RIP
-40:36 Paladins uses overwatch art to promote itself
-41:29 RE7 streaming switch edition
-43:32 – Epic releasing fortnight assets free and battle royale chat including “which battle royale should nintendo make?”
-47:29 Luigi’s dick chat
-49:16 Capcom’s cryptid search
50:47 – Fred’s fanfics, round 1 (guess the fanfic from its tags)
54:57 – Catsman rants about controllers
1:01:05 – Xbox disability friendly controller and disability stories
1:04:50 – Fresh from the grill: WRONG ORDER! “Nook’s store and town hall”
1:09:41 – Fred’s fanfics are back
1:16:26 – Catsman’s conundrum: Which games series have only got better?
1:26:53 – John Harvey Kellogg
1:29:08 – Are you feeling lucky (the google game)
1:36:22 – It’s all Ogre.

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This episode was edited by Specs.

PS: Happyman has been putting together a series of podcasts about Pokemon, which you can check out at our YouTube channel.


Demolish it Derrick 2 got announced. So did a slenderman movie. And 5 nights at freddy’s movie. And sleeping dogs movie. John Cena is Duke Nukem in the movie.
Twitch have a fund specifically set up to promote and support female streamers:
Sega teaming with Quantic Dream ex lead designer (see heavy rain and Beyond 2 souls) for narrative led “game”:
Koizumi (Mario Odyssey director) has confirmed that Toad’s head is not a hat:
Papers please film (official):
Apparently Valve are making games again?
It’s now illegal to put stickers on things that say removing them will void their warranty:
Jagex is shutting down Runescape Classic after 17 years.
Paladins inadvertently uses actual Overwatch art in advertisement:
Resident Evil 7 is coming to Nintendo Switch via cloud streaming services in Japan.
Epic releases Paragon assets for free ahead of game’s shutdown: I think this one is actually pretty cool. Nice of them to let the game live on in some way through free assets.
People measured Luigi’s dick based on a bulge seen in Mario Tennis promo art.
Ryan Reynolds has been confirmed as the voice of Detective Pikachu in the movie, but is also doing motion capture.
Stalker is getting in on the battle royal genre –
Kaz quit as Sony Chief. This might be important?
Capcom offering reqard for people finding cryptids:

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