Like a book club, but with video games.

Episode 1 – Sponge Bath


This is the first episode of Gentlemen Discussing Vidya, the official podcast of, this episode features me, Doddski, Juju, Happyman, Wanwan and Boigahs sharing their thoughts on copyright law, Origin, The Old Republic and cripple girls. Plus – Happyman reads a Sonic the Hedgehog\Friends crossover fanfic.

Apologies for the slight audio anomalies – these will be fixed by next episode.

Citations and links:
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Racial slur in Minecraft
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Nintendo considering name change for WiiU
Sonic 2006 stream with Happyman, Seanie and Hexler
The One With The Hedgehog on
Supreme court rules that congress can re-copyright public domain works

Big thanks to Mike Arvela who let us use his music ‘Ben and his Atari’.
Rapumies website

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