Like a book club, but with video games.

Updates on the podcast

Some of you may be aware that we’re thinking of ways to re-vitalise the podcast. We haven’t been going regularly for a while and we’re trying to get a schedule going to bring it back to about monthly. Catsman has noted that the news section is often a drag (it’s longer and much worse while recording and I axed about half of it during last episode’s edit).

In the interest of reducing the news section to something more fun and manageable while still trying to have some set topics to talk about, we’re going to bring back the Video Game Book Club. We’ll decide a game to play each month and will talk about it on the next podcast. I’m aiming to stream these games (and I encourage others to do so) and I’ll likely upload my playthroughs to our youtube channel so people who can’t/don’t want to play can at least experience the games we talk about in some format.
We’ll be letting you know which games we will be playing in advance so that you can play them too and see if your views align with ours. Feel free to comment with your thoughts on the game announcement posts or in the comments sections of the podcasts we discuss then in.

“Yo Noid! 2: Enter the Void” will be our first book club game of the new season. Here’s an almost download link:
Yo Noid! has a rich history with the GLA. Woolyshambler will defend it to the death and it, as well as The Noid himself, has been discussed multiple times on previous episodes of GDV. It’s an advertising game that released in Japan as “Masked Ninja Hanamaru” but was re-purposed to try to get people to buy more Domino’s Pizza.

I also realise that we haven’t done comments in a while and I keep meaning to go back through the last five or six episodes to grab them.

We’ll maybe be bringing back some other old sections and things may get a bit experimental in terms of format. Please look forward to that. As I often say: “Exspecs the unexspecsted!”
I’ve also decided that multi-track recording session editing is not a sustainable lifestyle choice and I will have to stop.

If you’d like to get involved in the podcast or just generally talk to us, then the best way to contact us these days is to hop in our discord: