Like a book club, but with video games.

Sorry for the downtime

Wanna know what the problem was? Server ran out of memory. All 512mb of the stuff. Maybe I should invest in more.

Status update on the podcast: I will try and record on Monday evening, and again on Tuesday evening – this will be at around 6PM BST. This weekend or next weekend is the weekend when the clocks go back or forward or something, so to avoid confusion I’ll be making announcements on the GLA steam group an hour in advance. You can also add me on Steam, and (if I remember) I’ll shoot you a message if we need more men (good mic required – if you’ve never podcasted before, now’s a good time to start!)

An update on getting banned from twitch:
If you’re reading this, you probably don’t want to get the channel banned. How can you help?

1) If you see someone streaming something that’s against the rules, hit me up on steam or send me an email and I’ll look into it. That way, I can remove the offending stream key and we won’t get banned from twitch. I may also be giving another person the power to do this in the future. This channel is pretty much on its last warning as it is (we’re dangerous and subversive!), so one more strike and we’re pretty much out. Additionally, twitch is the only service that really does many-people-to-one-channel streaming anymore, so we’re kind of screwed if we get removed.

2) Don’t stream content that breaks the Twitch rules of conduct! If you’re not sure whether you should stream something or not, you can always contact twitch support and ask. If you want to stream something that’s not allowed on twitch, then remember that we run a livestream channel just for that! They’re generally pretty lax. And when I say that, I mean they’re utterly, utterly indifferent. Again, shoot me an email\steam message and I’ll forward you the login details.

That’s all for now. Remember to get in on the podcast recording this week! I’m looking for people who haven’t been in a podcast before, which is why the timeslot changed.

Love, Cats


Just checking to be sure. But its not OK to break twitch rules just because you, Cats, can just make another Twitch channel right? Would you even be able to make another channel if we did get permanently banned?

On March 30, 2014 at 8:34 am


I think it bans your IP too Mao

On March 30, 2014 at 5:35 pm


I’m offering no guarantees, Mao.

On March 31, 2014 at 9:36 am