Like a book club, but with video games.

Podcast recording: soon

Howdy all, I just thought I’d drop in and tell you that I want to have another podcast recorded by this time next week. I’ll be scanning the airwaves at all the regular timeslots (3PM GMT and sometimes 6PM GMT) between friday and monday, so keep your eyes peeled for steam announcements, tweets, notifications in the stream chat or steam messages directed at you.

The reason I’m calling a podcast early is because I have a lot of studying to do this holiday, so I want to get the podcast done fast. If you’d like to volunteer to sit my exams for me then I may be willing to reschedule.

Miscellaneous announcements: by default, I don’t give dashboard access to new streamers. If you have a stream key and want dash access, PLEASE message me on steam or email me, and DON’T FORGET TO FOLLOW THIS CHANNEL ON TWITCH.TV OR IT WILL NOT LET ME ADD YOU.

Love, Cats

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