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All stream keys reset; chaos upon Twitch – Read this for the juicy details

As part of the twitch-wide data breach discussed in this here blog post, twitch have one again proved their relative incompetence by leaking a bunch of ‘cryptographically protected’ (their words, not mine, they better be salted or I’ll be mad) passwords, along with other user data. Apparently this extended to stream keys, because those also seem to have been reset for all users.

By the time you read this message, I will have sent keys to everyone who had a stream key previously, and also everyone on my list of current broadcasters. The algorithm that generates the keys is untouched. This means that, if I generate you a key for the same e-mail address you used previously, your current key will still work! If it a different key, you will need to fish it out of your email and input it into your streaming program.

If you had a GLA account, your stream key will have been sent\re-sent to that email address. Remember to check your spambox! If your current key has stopped working and you have not received new one yet, then please contact me immediately by email ( Please use the email account associated with your past GLA application so that I can verify your identity.

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and now to figure out if they somehow fucked up my account’s email, cuz I aint getting the password reset email :V

On March 25, 2015 at 3:54 am