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Privacy Policy

For legal reasons, I now have to write a privacy policy. Oh gosh, I hope I don’t write it wrong.


Browser cookies allow websites to keep track of you and your browsing session as you browse through a website. The GLA uses cookies more sparingly than most websites, but here are all the cookies that may or may not appear on your hard drive:

  1. Polls. We use a modified version of wp-polls, which may store cookies to determine whether you’ve voted previously or not.
  2. Commenting system. A cookie is automatically stored which contains the name you last commented with. If you’re logged in the admin area cookie will be used instead.
  3. Admin area. If you have access to the admin area, a cookie will be stored on your computer for the duration of your session (until you log out). If you choose ‘remember me’ a cookie will be stored for a longer period of time. While the cookie is active you will not have to re-enter your login credentials.
  4. Theme switcher. The theme switcher creates a cookie on your first visit, and this cookie can be changed by the user to point to different stylesheets and change the look of the website.
  5. Analytics. This website uses Google Analytics (which involves a tracking cookie) to analyze visit counts, unique visitors, and visitors country of origin, web browser, browser dimensions, referrer and other such data. All data that the GLA receives is completely anonymous. I typically look at hits to tell when I need to be advertising more, at browsers to see which browsers I have to support, and at countries, to look at which timezones the GLA could be more active in. You may want to consider reading Google’s Privacy Policy for more information.
  6. Twitch.TV’s chat stores a cookie to remember your session. The video player may also make use of flash local storage. The GLA website itself does not access these cookies.

If you’re using a good web browser and the idea of cookies somehow scares and confuses you, you should be able to turn them off. However, in order to comply with some balls-to-the-wall arsebackwards stupid UK law, this website may need to ask for permission to store cookies on your computer.


If you have a user account on this website, our software hashes and\or salts your password, such that neither I, nor anyone who gains access to our webserver or database, is able to decipher it. This is actually pretty much the first rule of online security.

The GLA website only collects the data that you voluntarily give it when you sign up. We will not, and will never, ever, ever sell it or give it to a third party company, police officer without a warrant or sketchy looking guy who just wants to borrow for a few hours.

You may ask for your user account, and all the information associated with it, to be removed from this website\database at any time.


Is very important. If you have concerns about this website or its privacy policy, then email on the double!