Like a book club, but with video games.

LUNCHTIME 82 – Agents of the Fungal Bureau of Investigation

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On this episode: we talk about Yoshi’s Island, various fetishes (again), Hot Asses, Princess Diana (again), Christian Sonic Fanart, and much more.

People who talked on this episode: Specs, Catsman, M. Richard Talley (Mike), RSN_Bran, Woolyshambler and Mooglepies


A few of the Yoshi’s songs used in this podcast were taken from remasters from The Brickster. People are tracking down the samples used to make classic video game songs, so that they can re-record them with lossless quality.

Our next book club game is Buck Bumble for the N64. Watch Specs’ playthrough here!

As a heads up, Specs has read the whole Diana Manga and will provide a synopsis on the next podcast.

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This episode was edited by Specs.

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