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Podcast survey + notice on Twitch rules

Hello! First, it would help Happyman if you could fill out this survey, which we forgot to attach to the last podcast.

Second, let me clear up some confusion about Twitch rules:

  • Twitch’s rules of conduct are located here.
  • If Twitch have said that a game is not allowed to be streamed, then please do not stream it. It doesn’t matter if you personally disagree with the rule, it’s their service and it’s their rule.
  • The GLA is not moving to Hitbox or any other Twitch competitor. If we could move to a better service, we would, but Hitbox et al are not comparable services and GLA would not be able to function properly on those services.
  • If you break Twitch’s rules, I will permanently disable your stream key with no warning. Starting now.

Sorry, but making sure that our Twitch overlords are satisfied is my #1 priority, and all ideological priorities come below that. Thanks for understanding.

If you’re unsure as to whether you should stream a game on Twitch, you can always ask Twitch yourself. If you want to stream an ‘unstreamable’ game, then use GLA After Dark. Hit me up on steam or by email ( for access, if you don’t have it.

Also, I have been busy this weekend (and am still very busy right now). But I still have a few stream keys to regenerate, please bear with me, I really really need some sleep right now.

Love, Cats



There’s a censored version of Nekopara that MITCH could play though MAO. So he can have refuge. :3c

Also I filled out the survey, do I get Gentlemen Dosh Money Bucks Cash to spend at my convenience, I’m really looking forward to the new DODDSKI figurines coming out soon and am hoping to have enough by the time pre-orders open. OH AND THE NEW WALLSCROLL INCLUDING THE CROSSOVER BETWEEN RUDE AND MITCH. Oh, and I want to buy the stylized shipping magazine too see the latests ships of the GLA uguu~. I wonder who I’m paired with /)\\\(\

On April 11, 2015 at 3:47 am


The thread mao linked says that a twitch admin said it was OK and then later they made the guy stop streaming it anyway. Honestly it’s good that they have such clear moderation practices.

On April 16, 2015 at 6:08 pm