Like a book club, but with video games.

Next Podcast and Book-Club Game – MR MOSQUITO


We here at the GLA hope that you have all survived to witness the year that is 2021. Hopefully, it’ll all be better soon.


You would think that we would have more time to stream and podcast and things, given that a bulk of us are trapped inside without anything to do but play video games. Well, in some ways you are correct. Catsman has been working furiously at Lawyer Guy development, now that his PhD is over, and he’s added a build of the game to the Steam store. He’s been streaming a lot of his development sessions. Please check it out.

With regards to podcasts, we recorded one yesterday in which we talked about our last book-club game: Outer Wilds. We’d recommend that you play the game before listening to our podcast, because it’s a game best experienced with as little knowledge of its secrets as possible and we didn’t pull any punches discussing the finer details of the plot and puzzles. If you have no desire to play it, you can watch my playthrough on youtube.

Since I’m a key worker, it may take some time before this podcast goes out. I’m also editing the Pocket Monster Manual so I have a lot of editing to do. We’re hoping to record the next podcast by mid-February.

Our next book-club game will be Mister Mosquito on the PS2. As usual, I will upload my playthrough to Youtube for the viewing pleasure of our audience. If you want to know what the game is like, before we dissect it, then play it and then you can write us angry letters when the podcast goes out.

Mister Mosquito - Wikipedia

That’s all for now. Remember: Stay indoors.



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