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Friendly reminder: Lawyer Guy Surveys, Podcast and Movies

Hello all,

First off, I notice that a lot of the people who partook in the ‘LAWYER GUY CHALLENGE’ have not yet filled out a survey. It would really help me out (like and subscribe) if you fill out the survey, and I will be incorporating the opinions of basically everyone except Animitch, because he’s full of crap. If you haven’t done so already, please head to the new (I redesigned it tolday!) Lawyer Guy microsite and fill them out. There’s one general one at the top of the page, and two separate, level-specific ones farther down.

Second, I think this weekend is a podcast weekend (at the usual time of 3PM BST on saturday and all).  This means that we need to watch a next movie, and our cinematographic experts have selected the masterpiece known only as ‘Super Mario Bros’. It features Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo and Dennis Hopper. And I (with no real confirmation, but we did it this way last time) shall assume that we’re going to be viewing it on Friday evenink (BST). So please join us in afterdark at that time, or find another way to watch the movie, else you will miss the discussion of this cinematic triumph.

Love, Cats

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