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Like a book club, but with video games.

The only podcast made from 99% pure sausages

Every 3 weeks, the GLA holds a podcast in which we talk about the latest gaming news, read terrible fanfiction and bicker amongst ourselves. You can download all the episodes for free below, or check us out on GatherYourParty, iTunes, Soundcloud, or by good ‘ole RSS.

If you want to be a part of the podcast, then check the sidebar for details on when the next recording date\time is. You’ll need mumble and a decent mic. Recording takes place on our mumble server.

Episode 26 – Gentlemen Discussing Vidya


A spectacular reboot special – the gentlemen discuss next generation woes, EVO, the Steam summer sale, Phil Fish, Super Mario Land 2, and hole diggin’. Plus, Happyman recieves a Deadly Premonition… fanfiction.

  • 3:56 – Opening
  • 5:41 – News
    1. References to borrowing\lending games found in steam data
    2. EA prices themselves out of the market
    3. Mark Cenry says PS4 will invigorate the indie scene
    4. Microsoft: shame on us for Xbone messaging
    5. Deus Ex: The Fall – you can’t fire on jailbroken devices
    6. EVO
    7. Earthbound on Virtual Console
    8. Steam summer sale discussion
    9. Game freak teases new game, turns out to be horse solitaire
    10. Phil Fish cancells Fez 2, smells own farts
  • 1:28:27 – Catsman’s Conundrum: worst game mechanic\feature?
  • 1:42:22 – The Top Vidya Picks
  • 1:51:54 – Book Club: Mario Land 2
  • 2:24:28 – What have you been playing?
  • 2:36:34 – Comments and any other business
  • 2:54:48 – Fanfiction (a possibly lethal hunch)

Episode 25 – Raccoons Did 9/11


The gentlemen discuss Elevator Source, death row, T-Rexes, porn aliases, Fire Emblem, huge raccoon nuts, and Double Fine’s budgeting. Featuring an intro by Ryan Drees, voice of the greatest fictional hot dog man in the world.

The Book Club game for next episode is Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins! Please contribute with your thoughts on this badass game.

  • Intro [00:02:09]
  • Comments Section [00:06:49]
  • Game Book Club – Elevator: Source [00:15:12]
  • Top Vidya Picks [00:25:03]
  • The News [00:32:46]
    1. Don Mattrick jumps ship
    2. Curiosity winner’s cameo will be time limited
    3. Games with Gold
    4. Texas teen still in jail over League of Legends argument
  • What have you been playing? [00:47:40]
  • Kickstarter Watch – Double Fine Adventure Update[01:38:05]
  • Outro [02:18:47]

Gentlemen Discussing E3 2013


This week – Catsman, Evilagram, Funk, Happyman, Ibanez, Jambalya Bob, Mike, Mitch, Mooglepies, Sef and Yay discuss 2013’s disastrous E3, featuring the press conferences of Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, EA and Ubisoft. Plus, Moonwalker and the season finale of Vidya Top Picks!

  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 6:38 – Microsoft’s conference
  • 53:31 – Nintendo’s conference
  • 1:40:11 – Sony’s conference
  • 2:24:00 – EA’s conference
  • 2:43:45 – Ubisoft
  • 2:54:54 – The Video Game Book Club – with Moonwalker
  • 3:07:50 – Vidya Top Picks – Season Finale

Episode 23 – Another Man’s Breakfast


This week – Catsman, Happyman, Jillbore, LordRamal, MD122, Mix Master Mao, Mooglepies, Nooblet, Seanie and Tacoman discuss the Xbox One, Monster Party, Curiosity, E3 predictions and blood pools. Plus, a sensual L4D fanfiction.

  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 2:55 – News
  • 50:03 – Xbone news
  • 1:04:11 – Video Game Book Club
  • 1:15:37 – Comments section
  • 1:29:16 – What have you been playing? And AOB
  • 2:02:20 – Fanfiction

Episode 22 – A Buncha Nerds


The gentlemen discuss video game music, the DS’s library, faking disability for profit, Bob’s Game, shifty marketers, and the lack of child NPCs in video games. Also, a Sonic the Hedgehog triangle drama.

  • Intro [00:00:00]
  • Comments Section [00:02:30]
  • Top Vidya Picks [00:09:28]
    • Fuse, Metro: Last Light, RE: Revelations
  • Game Book Club [00:22:04]
  • Mahboyy talking about Starcraft [00:29:05]
  • What have you been playing? [00:37:54]
  • The News [00:57:40]
    • Turkish sociologist declares that all children with autism are atheists and atheism is a form of autism
    • Nintendo skipping out on major E3 press conference
    • Streamer fakes disability for money
    • Earthbound is coming to Virtual Console
    • Insomniac Games responds to Fuse criticism
    •  Microsoft to reveal EA partnership at next Xbox event
    • Skyrim Theme comes 5th in Classic FM’s UK Radio
    • Game Dev Tycoon
    • DS production stops
    • TF2 with Oculus Rift
    • We chat about Metroid for a while
  • Fanfiction Hour [02:12:15]
    • Untitled Sonic fanfic written in comments section of another Sonic fanfic
  • Outro [2:18:24]

21 – Snap into a Slim Jim


In the funkiest episode of GDV yet, the gentlemen discuss LucasArts, Space Jam remixes, dumb nerds voting in polls, Macho Man Randy Savage and outdated slang words.

LucasArts shut down:

Kotaku’s Guacamelee coverage:

Worst Company In America:

Microsoft Twitter Man:”

Episode 20 – Boggle Mania


Catsman, Doddski, Evilagram, Happyman, Juju, Ramal, Moogle, Seanie and Xevrex discuss Kawaii guns, John Spaghettio, Shenmue 3, Civ 5, PETA, microtransaction bullshit and retractable beards. Plus, permanent bologna organs.

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