Gentlemen's Lunchtime Association

Like a book club, but with video games.

The only podcast made from 99% pure sausages

Every once in a while, the GLA holds a podcast in which we (often begrudgingly) talk about the latest gaming news, play fun games (often quizzes related to video game trivia) and bicker amongst ourselves. Many of our episodes also feature top-notch readings of terrible fan-fiction! You can download all the episodes for free below, or check us out on iTunes, Youtube, or by good ‘ole RSS.

If you want to be a part of the podcast, then check in with us at our discord for details on when the next recording date\time is. You’ll need mumble and a decent mic. Recording takes place on our mumble server.

Episode 34 – In Memory of Uncle Phil


Catsman is late, so the Gentlemen discuss third-party Xbox controllers, Tuscan whole milk, COD Mega Bloks, Broken Age, VR, and

  • 54:00 – Actual start of the podcast and the news
  • 1:20:53 – Greenlight watch
  • 1:26:10 – Broken Age
  • 1:43:00 – Any other business
  • 1:57:08 – Tuscan Whole Milk review by Edgar
  • 2:03:28 – Vidya Top Picks
  • 2:16:50 – Kickstarter Watch
  • 2:28:04 – Actual end of podcast

Podcast recording moved to sunday at 3PM

Spoke with Happyman. Podcast is now usual time. Huzzah!

I may still be unavailable for future podcasts, but that’s more a function of how difficult electromagnetism is. We will be trying to sort out a consistent recording time, but it probably won’t be sunday.

Love, Cats

Episode 31 – Por Dios y Por Castilla


The Gentlemen discuss Maldita Castilla, Christmas themed games, Christmas release games (there are none), Black Friday, Twitch shenanigans, and next gen.

[00:02:30] – Intro
[00:03:36] – Comments
[00:08:38] – Book Club: Maldita Castilla
[00:22:35] – Christmas games
[00:24:29] – News and non-news
[01:25:00] – Top vidya picks
[01:30:35] – What have you been playing?
[01:52:16] – Outro

Episode 30 – Moose Money


The Gentlemen discuss Ken Levine’s morals, bad Kickstarters, Dodds stories, Pokemon, asymmetrical horror games and anime girl slapping simulators.

5:24 – Comments and game book club
19:29 – The news
48:43 – Next book club game – Maldita Castilla!
51:45 – What have you been playing?
1:14:05 – Kickstarter Watch
1:32:41 – Top Vidya Picks
1:40:54 – Podcast increases in entropy

Episode 29 – Rage in the Cage


Kept you waiting, huh? Gentlemen Discussing Vidya is back from its hiatus with discussion of Frog Fractions, some hot new Kickstarters, Cat Bowser, Nicalis, John Carmack, tiny barbarians, and James Pond (fuck that game). Featuring Zmans as guest host.

– Intro [00:01:50]
– Comments Section [00:03:00]
– News [00:32:33]
– Game Book Club [01:06:08]
– What have you been playing? [01:16:26]
– Top vidya picks [01:59:05]
– Kickstarter Watch [02:10:54]
– Catsman’s Conundrum [02:29:10]
– Outro [02:39:38]

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