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Like a book club, but with video games.

The Reports of my Death are Mostly True

Hello cattlepokes. First, I would like to drop in to apologize for not being around more often. I have booked 2 weeks of holiday for christmas, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to do a chunk of Lawyer Guy development sometime then (and maybe watch out for a stream from me\dodds\the other one!).

Second: podcast. Happyman is putting Family Feud on hiatus while we brainstorm new questions. Until then, I am proposing to fill the void as follows:
1) Get back on the video game movie\TV book club wagon (no cattlepoke reference intended). I proposed Law & Order: Special Victims Unit season 16 episode 14 – Intimidation Game (boy, that’s a mouthful). And yes, I promise it’s about video games.
2) For a while now I’ve just been bringing interesting things I found on the internet and\or things that annoyed me. I would now like to extend that to a more general segment. Bring anything you think is interesting! I will try and bring something every podcast to get the ball rolling.

Love, Catsman

Episode 59 – Horseboys

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Do you ever think that Kevin Spacey was really well-cast in that film about space? I mean, it’s in his name. Kevin SPACEy. Space-y.

  • 1:56 – News: RDR2, Nintendo Switch
  • 21:36 – Catsman doesn’t know what a space bar is and breaks an NDA maybe
  • 30:45 – Skeleton of the Month
  • 43:42 – Catsman’s Canandram
  • 53:42 – Kickstarter Watch: Liquid Gravity
  • 1:03:08 – Bicker Amongst Yourselves\Comments
  • 1:18:30 – Sneaky bit of Civ VI conversation

Sorry I forgot the comments and had to smush them at the end. This episode was recorded a while ago, so it doesn’t have all the comments we got. I will try and remember them next episode! Also, while I’m apologizing, sorry for the late release, things are pretty busy in my neck of the woods.

Episode 58 – My Sweet Booboogle

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Mustaches, semisweet candy, and an avant-garde reading from Moviebob’s book. Plus: which video game celebrity is going to die?

“A human centipide of a podcast” – Noted Musicer Michael Talley

  • 21:41 – Opening
  • 23:59 – Family Feud (Haydn vs Elvis)
  • 47:13 – Catsman’s Book Club – Super Mario Bros 3 Brick by Brick by Moviebob
  • 53:19 – Happyman’s Skeleton of the Month
  • 56:43 – Best Boy Update
  • 58:23 – Comments
  • 1:14:04 – Nobody can work out Spex’s connections
  • 1:31:56 – Talk about video games
  • 1:44:59 – Harry Potter Becomes a Communist
  • 2:11:31 – Outro

Music credits:
Main Theme by Catsman
featuring an excerpt from 我々の手には、フェード by haircuts for men.
Outro: ‘Promised Land’ from ‘Jesus my Comrade’ by M. Richard Talley.

Podcast 58 will record on Saturday the 3rd of September (plus: screenplay?)

Probably at around 4PM British Summertime (GMT+1 – click the link to see it in your local time). On our mumble server, as usual. Note it down in your calendars!

Additionally, the screenplay idea I mentioned at the end of last podcast (Hell Bent, the one about criminals breaking into the afterlife in order to steal Amborsia from God) is now an 89-minute screenplay. Anybody want to be script editor? It could use another pair of eyes. I have to warn you that it’d probably just be for fun, as the chances of a spec script getting made into an actual movie (even a low-budget one) are astronomically low.

Give me a buzz ( if you’re interested, or leave a comment below.

Love, Cats

Episode 57 – I Have No Life And I Know Nothing

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New segments about old stuff. Old segments about new stuff. VR. Modding. Birds. Dragon Quest. Chandler from Friends.

  • 2:06 – Intro & comments
  • 10:20 – Catsman’s Conundrum: Favorite mod?
  • 23:25 – Family Feud: Catsman, Rusty & Moogle vs. Shiny, Specs & Sabercry
  • 42:06 – Gaming 30 Years Ago: Summer 1986
  • 54:50 – Happyman’s Skeleton of the Month: The Y-17 Trauma Override Harness
  • 56:23 – News
  • 1:34:56 – Specs’s Connections
  • 1:46:20 – Rusty talking about VR
  • 1:52:03 – Outro


Podcast recording will be mid-week, UK evening (~7PM BST)

EDIT: tuesday is most probable day.

I will take a survey tomorrow evening, and the actual podcast will probably lie on tuesday or wednesday. If we can’t schedule it then it will be the following week instead. I don’t think this is a great timeslot but I feel like we’re overdue for one and the next few weekends will be tricky.

Timezone converter for those interested

If anyone is wondering about the break in schedule; I’ve been real busy, then without the internet for a while, and will be busy again. By the end of the summer I’ll be operating on a more normal schedule and will be able to scheduke and edit podcasts with some regularity.

Love, Cats

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