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Gentlemen Discussing Vidya 19 – Conspiracy

Wake up sheeple!

MORTICIANS HATE HER! Single mother from Morton-on-the-Marsh discovers secret to immortality! Click here to learn her secret!

Join Gentlemen Discussing Vidya for a special conspiracy-flavoured episode, as we uncover the truth that’s literally right there, and has conveniently been uncovered by a series of cryptic-but-solvable clues. Catsman, Happyman, Juju, Ramal, Mahboyy, Reinbach, Seanie and Yay feature in this action-packed conspiracy spectacular.

March 14th 2013

March 14th is a good day. It is a day that occurs once a year, that fat americans use as an excuse to imbibe as much as they can of various forms of a harmful substance that causes obesity.
Yes, March 14th is Pi day. It’s also my birthday. Also Billy Crystal’s, but who really gives a fuck. This year I turn 20.

Anyways, I hear plenty about people wanting me to stream, but right now I’m between a rock and a hard place. The real reason I haven’t really been streaming is, my little brother occupies the only computer with a working audio-input device. It’s a webcam. No it won’t work on the good computer. I tried that. also the audio is shit anyways.
So, for the very first time in my life, I am asking something from the internet.
I’m gonna give it to you straight. Could I have a mic, or something to that effect? I’m really really strapped for cash, because I’m trying to leave in April, and I don’t even have money I can spend. Especially because whatever money I can’t get cuts into my college education. Which I have yet to start.
Idk, it’d make me happy. You don’t have to if you don’t wanna.

If you have shit to send me, please send it to 644 Gilbert Avenue, Hamden CT 06514. that’s in the US by the way, in case you forgot where Connecticut was.

Episode 18 – Churchill’s Grapefruits


Because of Happyman’s poor moderating skills the podcast’s one-year anniversary, it’s an extra-long episode featuring discussion of THQ’s auctions, creepy nerds, greedy businessmen and rad cars. Also, a saucy read starring the President of the United States. With Catsman, Doddski, Happyman, Juju, K, Reinbach, Tacoman and Wes.

Nerds want Obama to pull DMC from shelves

THQ auction update

Lightning carrying the adventure solo as Final Fantasy’s ‘first female protagonist’

Dead Space 3 Microtransactions

Sony teases something

Sanic Racing Shogun Car

Winston Churchill


Episode 17 – Rise of the Butt Cartel


This week, on Gentlemen Discussing Vidya – Devil May Cry, QUAD-A GAMING, gay planets, dismembered zombie torsos, the Steambox, Pogeymon, and some truly abominable kickstarters. With Catsman, Funk, Happyman, Juju, Ramalori, Seanie and Charismatic Tzar.

Interesting stuff:,thq-assets-up-for-auction-on-january-the-22nd.aspx

Just so that we’re really, honestly, and perfectly fucking clear…

I’m still alive, and if anyone, like say, boigahs, tries to steal Barkley 2 from me, they will be found and executed.
I’ve been busy lately. I have work as an actor, voice lessons, band practice and shows pretty much all the way to the last week of jan. I might be around GLA starting that last week. Writing today because I’m sick.
I’m looking to get back to GLA, and I will be more adamant about seeing you guys. Not because “certain comments” terrify me (which they do, I’m so serious.) but I’m gonna try to do my part to make gla less dead.
Cause you guys are pretty cool.
Just saying.

I am alive

And I’m feelin’ fine.

So, yeah, I haven’t really been on GLA at all recently. For good reason though, what with all the moving halfway across the country and starting university and all the exams and assessments and coursework, it has literally been too much for me. But I’m settling into the routine now, so It’s time for me to try and get a handle on this website.

What am I working on right now? Well, there’s a minor update coming for the GLA site (just bug fixes, typo\spelling corrections, boring stuff) and a major update for Gather Your Party in preproduction RIGHT NOW. I can’t really tell you much about it, but rest assured, it’ll make GYP look really cool, and I’ll probably also be lending this channel to them because there are some GYP people that said that they’d be interested in having a stream. So, best case scenario is that we get more stream hours on here and both sites get more organic traffic from That would be cool. More details when things are more formalised.

Now that I actually have some time, I’ll be working through all the applications that have built up over the past few weeks (sorry those of you who have been kept waiting). Also, I should point out – if you’re a GLA user and want to write for Gather Your Party, I will literally give you a free pass through their very discerning admissions process (provided I know you). So if you have something games-related that you want to get off your chest, shoot me an email!

Anyway, that’s all for now, stay tuned, stay frosty, there’s lots of great stuff in the pipeline and I’m just happy to be done with my exams for another 6 months. Got a ton of games I really need to stream. Off, Haunt, Mobiloid, Eryi’s Action, Euro Truck Simulator 2 (one-way ticket to being middle aged) and a VERY SPECIAL STREAM which I can’t tell you about yet.

Love, Cats
PS: Podcast this sunday. Check the sidebar.

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