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Like a book club, but with video games.

Gentlemen Discussing E3 2013


This week – Catsman, Evilagram, Funk, Happyman, Ibanez, Jambalya Bob, Mike, Mitch, Mooglepies, Sef and Yay discuss 2013’s disastrous E3, featuring the press conferences of Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, EA and Ubisoft. Plus, Moonwalker and the season finale of Vidya Top Picks!

  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 6:38 – Microsoft’s conference
  • 53:31 – Nintendo’s conference
  • 1:40:11 – Sony’s conference
  • 2:24:00 – EA’s conference
  • 2:43:45 – Ubisoft
  • 2:54:54 – The Video Game Book Club – with Moonwalker
  • 3:07:50 – Vidya Top Picks – Season Finale

Podcast time moved

Hi all. Quick little update: firstly, the podcast recording time has been moved to 3PM gmt (that’s back from 5:30, so 2.5 hours earlier). I asked Happyman about it and he didn’t say anything so I assume it’s fine.

Second: site glitches. As you might have heard, we recently hit the limit for stream keys. This isn’t a huge problem, as there are a lot of stream keys that aren’t currently used, but it does mean I’m having to have a clearout of stream keys. If I mistakenly remove one that you still want to use, then all you have to do is email and I’ll send you a new one (and most likely apologize for the inconvenience).

Additionally, the site has recently stopped sending out emails. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT CAUSED THIS I DIDN’T TOUCH ANYTHING I SWEAR. A bunch of accounts got made and the system didn’t send out randomly generated passwords, so I told users to reset their passwords, and then it didn’t send a password reset email either. I’ve been fumbling around trying to fix it, but I’m on the verge of just doing all the password stuff manually. This would be a pain but I really have no idea what the issue is. If your app is in limbo because of all this then I must apologize. I’ve also been rushed off my feet with the E3 as of late.

Did you know that the GLA has a twitter account? Look, we tweet things with it. I have no interest in twitter personally, but if you do, then shoot me an email ( and I’ll hook you up to it, and you can tweet away videogame things to your heart’s content. Preferably get into a few fights with internet celebrities.

Love, Cats

Episode 23 – Another Man’s Breakfast


This week – Catsman, Happyman, Jillbore, LordRamal, MD122, Mix Master Mao, Mooglepies, Nooblet, Seanie and Tacoman discuss the Xbox One, Monster Party, Curiosity, E3 predictions and blood pools. Plus, a sensual L4D fanfiction.

  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 2:55 – News
  • 50:03 – Xbone news
  • 1:04:11 – Video Game Book Club
  • 1:15:37 – Comments section
  • 1:29:16 – What have you been playing? And AOB
  • 2:02:20 – Fanfiction

Podcast MAY be moved to tuesday (edit 27/05)

Edit: alright drippyrods, the podcast was moved forward unexpectedly because as it turns out Sunday afternoon was very convenient for all of us. Sorry if you wanted to do the podcast and weren’t available at that time.

So, how about, at 6PM gmt on tuesday, we do something fun? A game of poker, TF2, something along the lines? Hop into the mumble if you’re interested.

Episode 22 – A Buncha Nerds


The gentlemen discuss video game music, the DS’s library, faking disability for profit, Bob’s Game, shifty marketers, and the lack of child NPCs in video games. Also, a Sonic the Hedgehog triangle drama.

  • Intro [00:00:00]
  • Comments Section [00:02:30]
  • Top Vidya Picks [00:09:28]
    • Fuse, Metro: Last Light, RE: Revelations
  • Game Book Club [00:22:04]
  • Mahboyy talking about Starcraft [00:29:05]
  • What have you been playing? [00:37:54]
  • The News [00:57:40]
    • Turkish sociologist declares that all children with autism are atheists and atheism is a form of autism
    • Nintendo skipping out on major E3 press conference
    • Streamer fakes disability for money
    • Earthbound is coming to Virtual Console
    • Insomniac Games responds to Fuse criticism
    •  Microsoft to reveal EA partnership at next Xbox event
    • Skyrim Theme comes 5th in Classic FM’s UK Radio
    • Game Dev Tycoon
    • DS production stops
    • TF2 with Oculus Rift
    • We chat about Metroid for a while
  • Fanfiction Hour [02:12:15]
    • Untitled Sonic fanfic written in comments section of another Sonic fanfic
  • Outro [2:18:24]

We have a youtube channel

EDIT: Looks like I might be mistaken about the youtube upload feature. As far as I can tell, it only connects your account to a youtube channel, rather than the whole channel (as I’d thought). That’s a bit of a bugger. Regardless, you can still upload to your own personal channel. Additionally, if you send me a link to your video on youtube\a video directly, I will upload it to the channel for you. If you feel like uploading a lot of stuff I’m sure I’d be able to dole out the login info for the channel also.

First, thanks for your comments on streaming etiquette. Generally, the feedback has been

  1. Facecams are okay if you have a good reason for them
  2. Nabil linked a cheap microphone which I would also endorse – the Zalman ZM-MIC1. £5, clip-on, for podcasting and streaming the quality is just fine.
  3. Pizza hut and taco bell should never combine
  4. I still frown upon watermarks, but I accept that Pyroco’s is brilliant.

Okay, so, the main point of the post. We have a youtube channel! It’s totally gone unused for the past hundred years! Hexler used to maintain it (and do an excellent job I might add), but now all he does is upload lame Call of Duty montages. LAME. So I’m putting out the call for videos!

Now, Moogle made a very good point to me a while back. Basically, when you stream to, the video normally gets saved to two places – your hard drive, and twitch’s server. However, videos that linger unwatched on the video library soon crumble away into nothingness. Isn’t that tragic!?

Luckily, it need not be this way. For you have the power to save them! simply go to the archive (there’s also a link on the top bar, in case you forgot), pick a video and click the ‘gear’ symbol, then click ‘highlight’. Use twitch’s built in editor to edit some highlights, and when you’re done, you can click the cog and then ‘upload’ to send them straight to our youtube channel! You’ll need dashboard rights to do this, if you want them then (as always) you can email me\steam me\skype me.

So, that’s that. Save our videos, please!

Love, Cats

PS: Thanks for sending in your applications. One guy said he didn’t want to talk on the mic. I’m sure he has a lovely voice. Really I do. Anyway I’ll hopefully be able to do all the account making this weekend. I should, seeing as I’ve had time to write this stupid blog post.

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